Louis Tomlinson Shirtless Meet + Zayn

louis-shirtless-zayn-clubbing (2)louis-shirtless-zayn-clubbing (19)louis-shirtless-zayn-clubbing (12)Louis Tomlinson shirtless meeting in St. Barthélemy France on vacation last week with Eleanor Calder [Picture of where they stayed above]. Zayn Malik pictured below partying at Faces Nightclub in Essex tonight.

Perrie Edwards told Fabulous about Zayn Malik’s proposal: ‘I think you know yourself when the time’s right and when you’re with the right person.’ + 1D Top Of The Pops scans!

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  • anon

    He looks disgustingly skinny.

  • 123

    Who cares tbh he is a douche

  • .

    ‘And I went blind for a second.’ Lol

  • Mellz89

    woow…have to be honest he looks much better with his shirt on
    lol..so skinny,yaikkzz

  • o

    I don’t even like 1D but that disrespectful hoe swore and promised she wouldn’t post the picture but she did . He was nice enough to take the picture with her but she had to break the promise.
    Bitches then have the nerve to say “if it weren’t or the fans they wouldn’t have had anything” . Bitch they’re nice to you but you insist on violating their privacy

    • Guest

      Yeah, such a dick move. I’m not a fan either but I can’t help but feel bad for any future fans who want photos; they wont take them because they cant trust them. I hope no one showed up to ruin their vacation…

      • ok

        she didn’t break any promises. louis asked her to only post the picture one week later, so no one else would find out that he was there. She took the picture february 28th and only posted it yesterday. he had already left st. Barthelemy when she posted it, so no one was able to ruin their vacation.

  • k

    he’s a druggie

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    always thought louis was the least attractive from 1 D. This doesnt help