• laura

    I give him one advice: get better lawyers.

  • Mel

    “Is this is a film” “is this a film” ??!!? Gneeee asshole

    • Zaina777

      That’s what provoked my angry rant before. Why did it matter if it was a film or not? It wasn’t that important for him to call it out. I mean he was like trying to belittle their intelligence. He’s such a douchebag.

  • anonymous
    • Cici

      His parents would be so proud of that disrespect & attitude. I expect this from Lil wayne, but Bieber, Come on! You are not about any of this. Get your shit together & grow up. So lost.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      selena bagged her self a winner!

  • anonymous

    he reminds me of ‘lil wayne’ and ‘the situation’. coincidentally they were both drug addicts and broke

  • anon

    Well, well, well… Someone just assured himself some anger management classes

  • Guest1

    I think Selena should watch this. Hah

    • Mariah

      Well he watched her laughing her ass of at making him cry on TV in front of millions and he forgave her, I think she can forgive him this then ;)

      • kass

        do you even know the meaning of “joke”? just because she made ​​a joke about it, it does not mean she actually made ​​him cry. This is called “comedic timing”.

      • okay

        this come back is getting old

        • Eva


  • Elusive Chanteuse

    This is one of those times I wish I can smack the shit of him. Yes the questions are stupid and he had a reason to be pissed off, but still he could calm his shit down. I bet he watched Lil Wayne the night before or got high, or it was all planned, he knew this would go viral so he acted like an ass, the wink and some stuff were funny but hell Justin, grow up idiot and man up, so you might get some respect. But hey, people would give him hate even if he was normal, I guess he doesn’t care anymore.

    • Cali

      I would hope he would try to prove them wrong then

      instead of playing into exactly what they expect. I wasn’t a fan of music by any means when he was younger but I liked him as a person (thought he was a nice kid). Now looking at him is just sad and irritating for me.

  • Guest

    Sorry y’all but that was hilarious. He’s treating media like they treat him, lmao. That was more an interview not a deposition. BTW, TMZ just cut out few minutes and the worst moments of course to make him look bad as always, this deposition was about 4-5 hours long as I read.
    Half of the questions are dumb and even rude, obviously just to piss him off. Lawyer is just as a douchebag as Bieber is. Period.

    • Sandy McFarlane

      no, the deposition was only about 30 minutes long

      • thecat61

        If this was just a 30 min. deposition and he’s pissed off now, just think if he has to go to trial and they put on the stand, what do you think the lawyers are gonna do to him then? Ain’t no storming out of the courtroom. omg

      • Zaina777

        It was 4 hours in total.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Damn, you all beat me to the Lil Wayne imitation he put on.

  • Zaina777

    He has to stop being such a douchebag and then people will actually feel sorry for him. At one point in the video he was completely slouched down pretending to sleep and he also rolled his eyes at another point in the video. This kid is loving being a bad boy you can tell by the way that he was acting throughout the entire deposition.

  • Ali

    He’s such a dick but these questions are so irrelevant. Why does he keep asking him about Selena & Usher lol makes no sense

    • anonymous

      maybe if he just answered he’d find out

    • LOL

      to obviously push his buttons & make him mad

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Tbh, even if he was nice would it have stopped people from calling him everything BUT his name?

    When he is nice people say he’s being fake so it’s a lose lose situation in the end for him.

    • Mariah

      Preach ,he will never please hating idiots.

  • Alysha

    Wow what an immature kid. It’s his ass on the line so why doesn’t he just answer the questions. He’s making himself look bad

  • thecat61

    WTF! Is this kid for real? He’s such a fucking arrogant little prick.

  • anonymous

    Wow, I am a big fan of him but his attitude needs a reality check….. grow up

  • rose.garden

    This kid is really really lost. I actually feel bad for him because this industry really messed up a good kid.

  • Dara

    He can be such an arrogant douche. I can’t believe he would even dare say that he doesn’t know Usher and then he “might recall” him. Justin you would be nothing without Usher

  • Blue

    I strongly dislike Justin Bieber. I think he is a douche that needs to grow up. Regardless, when I was watching this video I really felt sorry for him. This deposition was more like an interview. Why ask him about Selena Gomez? or Usher? I feel they are just trying to get on his nerves. If he was smart he wouldn’t have acted in a rude way. I pity him cause he feels he just needs to act like a ‘bad boy’ or a douche because that is what everyone expects him to act like. Whether Beiber does something good or not people will still hate on him and insult him.

  • K

    Is he high?

    • laura


    • Q

      yes he is

  • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley

    He’s not a shitty person just because he’s made bad mistakes. It really sucks seeing him in these types of situations and acting that way, but no one really knows the full truth behind anything happening. It’s real easy to sit and assume and throw out your accusations. Hopefully after all this mess is cleared up, he’ll take some time to himself and stay out of the media for awhile. Just want to see the Justin I was a huge fan of.

    • amy

      There is absolutely no reason for him to act so immature, disrespectful, obstinate, and egotistical no matter what the “full truth behind anything happening” is. This was a deposition for a court case. It is a serious matter. If anyone acts that way in a deposition they do not deserve any respect.

      • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley

        There’s absolutely no reason? I’m not going to sit and be happy and get harassed. Idk about you. I never said it was right the way he was acting, but i probably would of been just as annoyed as he was. Might not of took the sarcasm to his extreme though.

    • AA

      well he is shitty person and is not use to defend him that loser

      • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley

        makes sense

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    why is he wearing make up???

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Honestly he doesn’t sound educated. It would be in his best interest to go to college, because I’m sure he didn’t get a proper high school experience.

    • laura

      I’m not too sure if he’s intelligent enough to go to college, judging by this video.. Maybe he should just travel the world and go to museums and art exposés and go the Antarctic and whatnot. He has the money and it is great to enrich the soul. That’s what I would do if I were rich.

      • Ty

        Haha intelligent? When sorry but justin bieber he doesn’t know about continents he doesn’t know nothing about museums he doesn’t know about life he only is say bad words or bad behavior and do drugs and please not only because he is rich he travel

        • laura

          No offense, but you shouldn’t be calling someone unintelligent if you are the one who is talking gibberish.
          That being said, I never said Justin was smart. I said he wasn’t smart enough to get into college so I suggested he’d travel the world. So he can visit museums, go swimming in the ocean, go to Antarctica, the Sahara and all these beautiful places. Because doing those things does make you smarter and more enriched. That is better than any education and he can afford it.
          Please learn to read and to write.

      • AA


        • threelittlebirds

          she didnt say he was smart, she said he’s not smart enough to get into college.

          • laura

            Those anons clearly aren’t smart enough either.. omfg I didn’t know reading was so difficult –‘ bet they are all the same anons haha

          • threelittlebirds

            No, they’re not. I don’t know why I even bother to reply to them, because they never understand what I’m trying to say. Nor do they ever make any sense.

        • Ashleigh

          Judging by that comment, you don’t exactly seem like you’re the most educated person either.

      • Q

        no he is not intelligent

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          Laura never said he was intelligent though

          • Q

            and i was saying to her that he is not intelligent because they way response those cuestions and all

  • Kelly

    He’s so dumb it hurts to watch, he also is so gross to look at. Dude your not cool, your just making a fool out of your sef

  • ghfghngfh

    i am tired of this fag he needs to stay jail for the rest of the his fucking lives

  • CVB


  • ISeeSparksFly

    What a little shit. He deserves a good ass kicking.

  • ty

    haha now i wonder why everybody hates justin bieber sooooooo much

  • fghjkl

    oh soooo many heroin that he use to talk like that

    • Moon

      well he doesnt use heroin justin bieber he is like that like always mean and yah he use drugs but this kid has mental isues

    • Tash

      How dare you blame heroin?!?! Thats an insult to heroin. =p Drugs are some of my best friends and im fine . . . . most days =D

  • justthat

    haha he could be a movie star

  • demo

    the lawyer is asking stupid question but Bieber is acting like a spoil bratty kit, selena and him are both stupid, this says a lot about selena he has not grown as a man which means neither has selena and they both have the same brain cell

  • just wow

    I have absolutely no respect for this person. I used to care about him, not in a fan way, but in a way like, okay, he’s a kid, he makes mistakes. But watching this and his attitude, I don’t even know what to say. He’s so lost in his success that is just disturbing and kind of sad…

  • Just look at him! That fucking attitude says it all… I can’t believe what I’m watching and I’m being 100% honest

  • ayy lmao

    *asks about selena* *dramatic mood activated* don’t ask me about her again… LMAO this must be a joke

  • Annie

    I can’t believe i used to be obsessed with him… Looking back at his videos from 2008-2010, i had a feeling something bad would happen, but i had no idea he would turn in to the pr*ck he is now.All of you saying that these questions are irrelevant:
    Do you guys know what a deposition is? The lawyer is just trying to find out the facts. One question asked would lead to another question about that topic, and then another would come after that, and so on & so on. A lawyer’s job is to defend their person. The lawyer was defending the paps. Its his job! It would’ve been a whole lot easier if justin just cooperated and didn’t act like a stupid, stubborn kid. I just hope karma hits him like a b*tch

  • JUG

    Hope Justin’s perfume flops. This video showed him to be stupider than a rock. A witness objecting to questions on a deposition is ridiculous. That’s the lawyer’s job. I assume Justin’s paying his lawyer lots of money so why not make him earn it? By the way Justin, the threshold of relevancy on a deposition is very low – it’s why they sometimes call the process a “discovery”. Most of Justin’s objections were off base. Good luck to you Justin. You’ll need it after this deposition.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      I lol’d thinking about your perfume post <3

    • Tash

      I laughed when he said it was a ‘film’. Yes it is dumbass! It doesnt have to be a 90 minute movie! What should they have said?! ‘Video’?? Typical 10 year old brat mind. Try and act smart for self glorificarion and public adoration but actually just sounds plain dumb.

      • Mariah

        Your hatred is sick. What a psycho. Grow up.

  • Q

    i feel so bad that those fans still like him poor losers

  • Dash

    wow he is such a douche bag and you can tell he was trying to act above them and make things difficult.

  • KeepSwimming

    Apparently neither Justin or some of the people who commented know how a deposition works. The person is asked a wide range of questions, some of which may seem like they have nothing to do with the case at all. The lawyers always have a reason for asking them, though, sometimes it’s just to see how the person reacts. All of that, including his reaction, can be used against him in court. What Justin is proving is that he has a quick temper, which makes the case against him even more believable. There is no need for his attitude, just makes him look like a disrespectful jerk and what he said to the court reporter was completely uncalled for. She’s not on either side, she’s there to keep an accurate record of what is said, it’s not her fault that he mumbles and talks low. It’s absolutely ridiculous that anyone would defend his behavior. I don’t think he’s acting out for the camera, I think this is the real him. The act is when he is pretending to be a nice, decent guy.

    • Tash

      Hallelujah! Perfect! Agreed! Actions speak louder than words. Theyre so taken by a bunch of stupid tweets or little things he does. 10 % humanity does not make a great man. Its a fail by any standard. They honestly cant keep blaming the rest of the world. Him and his team behaved terribly here. The lawyers even acted as ignorant and arrogant as him. They werent even mean to him. Just a bit frustrated due to his antics. Other criminals are drilled and treated like shit. He needs a wake up call and so do the enablers.

  • Eva

    Wow. He is dumb… I couldn’t possibly be with anyone even remotely like him… My illusion of Selena just shattered so badly.

    • anonymous

      yeah she’s thrown away everything

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    This kid might be a prick but omg he is fucking hilarious omg.

  • BangBang

    I exprienced some MAJOR second hand embarrassement!! Didn’t his lawyer tell him how important it is to not behave like a dumbass during something as important as a deposition?

  • Tash

    1stly, i didnt think he could get worse and he did. And 2nd, hes a dumbass as well as his lawyers. It was obvious why the guy asked about selena,scouter and usher. Reasons being, they know he was or is close to them. They were asking him the questions to basically establish thatt he knows them and the particulars of the relationship. Remember, they cant assume. He can always say it was just business or nothing serious and he doesnt confide in them. They were basically setting him up. Cos they wanted him to say he confides in them etc. That way they can make them tesify in a court. They chose those names for a reason. They know him best and they are too high profile and not very likely to lie in a court unlike the other so called ‘friends’ who would probably lick his ass clean if he forgot to get toilet paper.

  • Godney

    The questions were stupid as fuck, i can understand why he was piss off but cmon.. be the better person, if he would have actually say “im sorry but this question has nothing to do with the case, i will answer anything ABOUT the case” and be like that people would put more attention at the stupid questions instead of how bitchy he was

  • Lauren

    Although Justin has some shit situations to deal with at times that provoke angry outbursts, I’m glad this video came out so deluded fans can no longer defend his actions. His attitude was unnecessary. The lawyer questioning Justin has every right to ask questions he feel may provide an insight or be beneficial to the case in any which way, and although some people may think questioning him about Selena or Usher was wrong, you have to remind yourselves Justin would not be in this situation if it were not for his OWN actions. It’s time for him to realise how fortunate he is in comparison to some people, and media attention comes with the territory of his dream. If you don’t want to be treated like a child then take responsibility, man the fuck up and stop acting like one. Rant over.

  • Margaret

    Maybe the reason he “doesn’t remember” is becaue he was high/drunk. Can we just come to an agreement that he’s a disrespectful idiot?