Selena Gomez Bares Belly For Adidas

selena-gomez-bares-belly (94)selena-vevoSelena Gomez flaunted her sensual body, exposing her midriff wearing a printed crop top with a blue jacket slung over her shoulders which she paired with black pants and a black beanie. Justin Bieber’s current lover strutted her stuff during a shoot for her Adidas NEO collection. Photos: GSI Media.

Bieber sent Selena $10,000 worth of flowers to get him back. A source told Radar Online: ‘Bieber has hardcore been after Selena. After he posted the Oscar picture of her calling her a princess, he sent her $10,000 worth of flowers. Like a s**t ton of flowers! Justin will do anything, literally anything for Selena.

When they first got together they were America’s sweethearts, they were both famous, sort of on the same level as a lot of stars, then it exploded and now no one else they date can relate to that or understand it. Nor can they trust anyone else. So they gravitate towards each other because of that.’

UPDATE: She wore Bieber’s ugly black pants in airport, pix below!


  • Zaina777

    This girl is really sexy…I feel like she is too good for Bieber.

    • Guest

      What? Did you even see how disgusting her stomach is and how she’s sucking it in? I am sorry but when he works out he has a better body then her and he’s in better shape. She’s just a cute girl with a baby face and no talent, stop licking her ass. Just because she has a saint image and her PR team covers up her shit doesn’t mean she’s too good for him, lmao blind fangirl.

      • Zaina777

        No…First of all I am not a fangirl… I just like her as a person. Also, I highly doubt they have anything to coverup. Whatever she does wrong she plays it cool afterwards. Justin and Miley don’t they partake and involve themselves in more wild antics to get attention. Selena doesn’t. Face it she’s living a normal life the way a normal young person should. She takes care of her shit in private. Bieber and Cyrus don’t they do more stupid shit.

        Also, she’s clearly not sucking her “fat in” you clearly need to get your eyes checked. As for her appearence she is very sexy because she’s natural and doesn’t throw on heaps on makeup on her face like other celebrities.

        • captainamerica

          Lmao but you don’t know her as a person? BTW she is obviously sucking in take a better look, she has a weird undeveloped body for her age and I see nothing sexy that much about it. And yes, she just has a good PR team. Accept the truth. She just acts like a saint and a hypocrite, her classy speech just screams fake as fuck. You’re just biased.

          • Zaina777

            No…or maybe she’s normal? No, not possible right?

          • ..

            why dont you just ignore them?

          • BrokenArrow18

            ‘she has a weird undeveloped body’ thanks lol I always found something weird about her body never knew what it was or how to describe it lol

  • smh.

    Shes beautiful

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Her body is en pointe.

  • threelittlebirds

    I can’t believe how great her body is for how horrible she eats. I envy that.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She’s so hot. ;)

  • boystan

    hot bitch

  • Lali
  • Eva

    “no one else they date can relate to that or understand it.”

    This might be somewhat true. I can’t imagine a nice sweet boy wanting Selena now after all this. As for Justin, well he has shown he can get girls without a problem.