Selena Gomez Rodeo Houston Photos

selena-gomez-rodeo-houston-fan-meetings (87)Ruben Elias, marketing manager at Xtreme Lazer Tag at 609 W. Business 83 told Monitor: ‘Justin and Selena seemed really happy. Justin is really fun,” Elias said. “He won the game and he came to the counter like ‘I won! I won!’

He cleaned Xtreme Lazer tag out of its entire supply of Sourpatch sticks: ‘He comes to the counter and says ‘I want a candy’ and (we’re) like ‘How many do you want?’ and he’s like ‘All of them.’ They spent $649.50,on Bieber’s credit card, for the time.


  • Zaina777

    This woman is gorgeous.

  • Shanley

    I guess it’s safe to say Jelena is back on. I used to be a huge Justin fan but when he started acting the way he’s been acting I just became disgusted. He started acting like an entitled little brat. But, you can’t help what the heart feels, it just feels. If dating Justin is the “worst” thing Selena does then I’m proud of her cause that industry can drive you crazy. Maybe Justin will get back to normal since they’re back together. I just think at then end of the day we all have to realize they’re just normal human beings who want to find love just as bad as anyone else, and it seems like what they have is real. Even if it is toxic or won’t last, you can’t deny that its real.

  • anonymous

    wow she’s gone crazy

  • laura

    I swear, this girl has the best style ever when it comes to shoes.

  • thecat61

    Her little fans are so adorable.