• anon

    i’d kiss liam hemsworth

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I think she’s kissed both of them.
    She’s so cute and funny.

    Steve had me laughing.

  • Alii

    Aww. I was hoping for a Katy Perry answer.

  • ..

    To be honest, I personally think she and Selena had something back in the day around 14- 16. Nothing sexual just hand holding and whatnot, I mean there were clues everywhere hah. And them ending their friendship felt like a breakup. So I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve kissed. I miss them being that close.

  • Kim

    Neither, Miley kiss every one and Selena kiss Justin who has been with every prostitutes in every city. Only god knows where Justin and miley mouth has been.

    • thecat61

      Yeah but we know where selena’s has been. On someones little peter.

  • johnny

    SO Demi has no love at all for either now. I know she doesn’t like Miley and Selena is back with Justin now so I guess their rebirth is over now.

    • okay

      you are over thinking it eat a pickle instead

  • TrueSmiler

    Good question, why Miley does not give interviews to the local press in Bangerz Tour’s backstage? As she did in 2009.

    She has something against honest interviews, questions and answers uncombined?

    I think the Miley’s label could buy an interview in each city.

    • casey

      I don’t think there was much honesty in this interview? She hardly gave any serious, honest answers. Even refused 2 of them. It’s so annoying that she talks about Wilmer over Twitter and posts photos of them together on Instagram, but whenever there’s questions relating to her relationship, she clams up. I mean, really.. If you don’t want people asking you about your relationship, then don’t talk about the person on public social networking sites or make it obvious that you’re together with photos. What’s so bad about just saying that you have a boyfriend? With that last question (so obvious it was about Wilmer), she could’ve easily just said “a photo of me and my boyfriend” or something like that. Didn’t even have to give a name.

    • thecat61

      Miley gives the most honest interviews than anyone else. She ain’t afraid to hold anything back. You ask her a question she’ll answer it. She’s not gonna hide behind mommies apron strings like some people do.

  • in jesus name i pray amen
  • annathrockmorrow

    this is hilarious video i love it <3

  • phone

    She always plays it so safe… I wanna hear something controversial and different than the typical press-friendly answers every stupid celebrity gives. They’re all like robots, always giving the same lame answers. The only new thing that’s even slightly different is that she curses and admits to it…