Selena Bordefest Hidalgo Meet & Greets

selena-gomez-bordefest (194)Selena Gomez meet & greet pix from Hidalgo, Texas Bordefest.

  • Zaina777

    Why is Selena so gorgeous?

    • honesty

      The more I see her, she’s pretty average tbh.

      • Zaina777

        Personally, I think she is beautiful. She is exotic looking to me.

        • at gri

          there nothing exotic in selena lol she looks like any Mexican. she really average looking, not even a major body like usually Hispanic have and her hair is mostly fake so, there nothing that stand out in her.

          • Zaina777

            Well, that’s your opinion. My opinion is that she is exotic and beautiful.

          • alex

            lol do you even know what exotic means lol. selena is definitely not one. also, go tto Hispanic section were there is a bunch of Mexican who look exactly like selena that why she average, there tons of girl who look like her. IF you were Hispanic you will know this! she don’t even have the great body that usually Hispanic have the reputation miley have more curves than her and she white.

          • Zaina777

            First off, you’re stereotyping all hispanics as having to be curvy secondly…stop mentioning Miley in every single fucking post about Selena and vice versa. Did I say I was hispanic? No, I didn’t. So don’t assume shit next time. I’m entitled to my own opinion and I think she is exotic and beautiful. If you don’t like it then too bad get the fuck over it.

          • alex

            why don’t you shut the fuck up! you always in miley post and you don’t even like her and maybe you need to stop talking shit all the time. I said you obviously not Hispanic, and in the body if you read correctly I said she basically don’t stand out like other Hispanic who have gorgeous body and curves, she actually have a white girl body no ass, and square and she has belly and is not toned. you are very ignorant people always have to explain things to you because you obviously kind of dumb, if you don’t get it and we always have to constantly explain things to you. so do me a favor and you shut the fuck up little girl. you must be 9 because you never get anything!!! you don’t even know what prostitution is lol

          • Zaina777

            No, I won’t shut the fuck up you stupid little, insecure bitch.

            I do like Miley and I always have. It’s not right that she’s sexualizing herself right after she left Disney and still has younger fans. She is promoting sex to garner attention. She is just an insecure little Disney girl looking for attention. Just because I have a mind of my own and an opinion of my own doesn’t mean it’s not true. If Miley was really like this then why the fuck did she do Hannah Montana in the first place. Remember Dakota Fanning…Emma Watson even some former Disney girls. They all grew up to be nice and respectable young woman and they don’t sexualize themselves even though they’re not singers.

            Selena is a saint compared to Miley…we all know it some of us are just in denial about it. i for on am not in denial of how she presents herself in public in comparison to Miley.

          • Ashleigh

            Please. You act like you’ve never done something you’ve lived to regret before. She was young when she auditioned for Hannah Montana and she probably wasn’t aware of all of the conditions that working for Disney came with. They molded her into something that she didn’t want to be. Emma Watson, Dakota Fanning, and Miley Cyrus are three entirely different people. You and the people you surround yourself with right now won’t all grow up to act the same either. It’s a fact of life. You’re being rather hypocritical telling Alex that you have a right to your own opinion, yet you’re preaching your opinion and acting like it’s the only valid one. Selena is beautiful, as is Miley. One of my friends has actually met both Selena and Miley and she thought that Selena’s goody two shoes, nice front was all an act whereas she said that Miley was genuine to her fans. Yeah, maybe Miley is going to extremes to shrug off her Disney image but at least she’s being true to herself in the process. She’s being who she couldn’t be under Disney’s rule. Selena, unfortunately, is still stuck under that and she isn’t even signed to Disney anymore. And you’re talking about how Miley is an “insecure little Disney girl looking for attention”, Selena has been doing some things to keep herself relevant these past few months as well so you may want to do a little fact check next time you want to seem smart on here.

          • Becca

            LOVE YOU

          • Zaina777

            No one forced Miley to go on Hannah Montana…I mean look at Tyler Posey he was on Doc as well and he became even more famous when he was a man. He doesn’t act like a douche or anything to get attention. He went on an adult or teen oriented show at the right time and at the right age in his life.

            Hilary Duff as well it took me forever to see her as an adult it wasn’t until she had her baby and was married that I didn’t even see her as Lizzie at all anymore. That’s how it should be a slow process. Miley didn’t have the guidance and the authority that she should have at a young age that’s why she is so messed up now. I mean she started rebelling at fourteen as said in the Joe Jonas article that he wrote she and Demi were doing drugs with him so it’s like if she started being bad so early on why didn’t she just stop Hannah Montana…I would’ve been upset about it but I would eventually get over it. It was her own choice to start and continue her own show.

            Also, the actresses that I mentioned all started at a young age and none of them are screwed up or trying to act maturely in the wrong way. I feel like as a young woman that you should present yourself a certain way no matter who you are or you will be condemned by the majority of the society.

            If she knew that she didn’t want to be the goody goody girl who went on much music saying that she wanted to be like Hilary Duff she shouldn’t have even said yes to any of that. If you let other people control you no matter who it is you are never gonna live the life that you want or be a who you know you are.

            Selena doesn’t dress for little kids anymore she dresses how she wants too but she still acts appropriately for her age and does the right thing. Miley doesn’t she will always be Hannah now because she forced her new look on us instead of letting us grow into her being an mature adult like we did with Hilary Duff.

            I think when she did Can’t Be Tamed and got engaged at nineteen she thought she would be seen like a mature adult when no one cared about her “mature” choices she probably wasn’t happy about it so she contrived this whole new look to garner attention and more media buzz. it makes sense that she would say that she was always like this.

            Miley just wants to have more people see her as an adult whether it’s a mature one or a sexualized one she really doesn’t care at this point. She’s doing it completely wrong in my opinion. All people view her as is a whore now and it’s really not helping her cause at all.

          • Hilary

            Go play in traffic and do us all a favor. Stop stirring up trouble.

          • Zaina777

            No, You are such a immature little cunt. Didn’t your parents teach your manners? You are such a brainwashed little bitch. I think you’re the one who should go and play in trafffic. The world needs less imbeciles like you.

          • kurty

            selena a saint really, you think that because you are getting fool by her act all people are fools like you.
            sorry but ever sense selena came to Disney she has been everything from trouble maker to instigator. there were no figts in Disney until selena got there may I addd. she claim to be miley friend yet she went after her boyfriend and flirted with him behind her back, then she move on to miley friends and writers, and producers you think someone tryint to go after everything you have is a nice person?? how naïve you are, miley is sweet and nice and all she wants to do is put up a show, selena is desperate has used her boyfriend to gain fame prostituting herself to get what she wants with Bieber, she has use her famous friends for exposure and drop them when she don’t need them. abandone her friend demi when she thought she was going down hill, why because she couldn’t deal with it, what type of friend is that?
            selena please she not a good friend
            she uses people
            she sleep with famous guys for fame.
            she starts rumors against miley
            she constantly talk trash about miley and hides behind other peope.
            she wants everything miley wants
            selena destroy niley and the minute nick fame drop she move on to the next one just like her song.
            she sings about sex to kids,
            she does foreplay videos withjustin making out and climbing on him.and you there to talk about miley touching herself when selena is doing worse.
            what the fuck is wrong with your brain?
            not to mention selena is doing drugs you think Justin does drugs and she doesn’t? please she probably with him because she a famewhore and he can supply her with all the drugs she wants, she an addict just like Justin. you really are blind.

          • Zaina777

            She’s a saint in comparison to Miley.

          • emma

            she isn’t even worth arguing with. her only insult is calling everyone an insecure little bitch. you’ve already won this lol

          • Zaina777

            Nope. You sound childish here, sweetheart. I stated my opinion on Selena and people started saying I was wrong and began to mention Miley…yet again. So I gave my opinion….yet again on Miley as well and now….yet again we are engaging in another pointless debate on who’s better Miley or Selena?…yet again.

        • anon

          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Pointless debate

          • Zaina777

            Exactly. That is why I have my opinion and they have theirs.

        • honesty

          Yeah, we just have different tastes, quite like the rest of the world. No trouble!

          • Zaina777

            Finally a sane person. Thank you for your logical reasoning and not freaking out on me like those crazy anons on this website. :)

          • honesty

            Lol no problem, you didn’t deserve all that crap. Don’t even listen to the crazies…they’re…well..CRAZY! Haha!

          • Zaina777

            Thank you! :) I don’t even listen to any of them anyway. They make me laugh with their nonsense bullshit.

  • anon,,20795850,00.html
    “Selena has chosen Justin over her family in the past,” a source tells
    PEOPLE. “They are disappointed about that.”

    People is reliable, right? Look like Selena lost her mind. Oh well, I say let her be. She needs to learn on the hard way

    • kass

      why does it need to be in the press? why does it looks like Selena’s own team is trying take her down?

      • Angie.

        Her team will sell anything for attention and keep her relevant & talked about. Specially with jelena rumors.

      • alex

        because selena is doing anything to stay revelant, she dragging her boyfriend, her friends,her enemies anyone she can use, are selena blinds still blind? she not good at singing,she a stiff dancer, she don’t play instruments or write music, she a mediocre actress who has sucked in all her films and she really don’t attract much people except kids and that after dragging everyone down with her, and you all think she nice please!!! how stupid can any of you get!!!

        • lol

          exposedsmg minion detected!

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        I’ve noticed too.

  • anon
    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I figured.

  • anna

    think that guy got Selena confused for Miley

    • demo

      jajajaja even selena fans are doing the miley tongue at her concert lol

  • laura

    I love that top but those pants are awful omfg

  • BrokenArrow18

    High waisted pants are not for her, make her look shapeless.

  • alex

    I think selena hairs is fantastic too bad is all fake.

  • thecat61

    Lmao at the dude sticking his tongue out.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    someones not wearing a bra… miley’s impact.

    • anon
      • Eva

        Gosh, I used to adore THIS Selena…. Aah, sweet memories.

        • Guest

          Lmao stop whining like a bitch, she ain’t your familyor something hahaha, she’s just dating a dude who you ppathetically hate , grow up.

          • Eva

            … But how will I ever live???? How????!! Tell me.

  • justthat

    the outfit looks ok to me, actually it’s the sexiest one of her clothes lately