Miley Spits On Fans + Sued For Tongue

miley-spitsmiley-spitsMiley Cyrus spitting water on fans at her concert. Queen is being sued by a fan Charles Nicholas Sarris for being hit by her Bangerz tongue slide. He filed a lawsuit against LA equipment supply company ShowFx Inc., which was hired to make the tongue.

Stating that he was hired as a hand on the construction of the slide, Sarris said he was badly injured last month, & when the tools provided to him reportedly failed in the middle of the job. Claiming that ShowFx failed to warn him about the potential dangers involved with the work project, Mr. Sarris has sued for unspecified damages for his reported injury.

  • Cici

    Another example of her ugly ego, but I’m sure they “luuuurrvvvvv” it though, right Smiley?

  • Jean Luc

    That’s disgusting.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I don’t care how much fame & money you hold in your life, you spit water on me I’m bound to punch a bitch.

  • thecat61

    Sued for tongue, lmao!

  • fghjkl

    well miley was copying justin bieber but he was spit with his own saliva thats worts

    • Guest

      Except Bieber never spat directly at his fans you idiot. He spat on the balcony right under his , not on his fans. Stop changing your username 20 times we all see it’s the same idiot typing irrelevant shit.

      • fghjkl

        what i am not using my mane 20 times you stupid maybe you are and justin bieeber was spit to the fans you idiot by the way he got mental problems and worts and you are so fucking irrelevant not me moron

        • Guest

          lmao grow up idiot and stop changing your username. YOU have mental problems disgraceful fuck.

      • 34567


  • Eva

    Woww. And her fans like it????

  • ety

    somehow she manages to get worse

  • thecat61

    Sprinkle the infield babe.

  • ikeepempressedt

    ok now that’s nasty…

  • guest

    Sometimes I think OceanUp screws up the facts on purpose. The man was hired by a company to help build the tongue prop later used in concerts. He says he was injured while doing that and has sued the company. Neither Miley nor her tour were sued, only the company creating the prop.

    • thecat61

      No doubt. They’re good at screwing shit up.

    • Jes

      But they didn’t screw it up, its says right there in the description that the guy hiring to make the tongue is suing the company.

      • guest

        It also says Queen is being sued by a fan (name) for being hit by her Bangerz tongue slide. She s not being sued.

  • Zaina777

    Eww, she’s so disgusting.

  • Anon

    She’s just like her brother. Remember when Trace went around spitting beer on the crowds when he toured with Metro Station? Up until some guy whipped a can of bud light at his head, that is.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    That’s so degrading.

  • mountainmiracle

    Okay, I don’t care who you are or how famous you are, if you spit on me I’m going to be PISSED. That is so disrespectful and disgusting. Her ego is so huge she probably thinks they just loved that.

  • Commonsense

    I wonder if she thinks people actually loved getting spit on… I don’t see how that is even possible.

  • threelittlebirds


  • boystan


  • ISeeSparksFly

    That’s fucking nasty. Seriously. God knows what the hell’s been in her mouth, so I don’t want her disgusting backwash spraying all over me.

    Seriously, if that were me, I’d chuck a whole cup of freezing ass cold soda at her and see how she’d like it. Lmfao.

  • HolyGround

    If that was me I would seriously get on stage and pour the water on her head. That’s seriously gross.

    • thecat61

      Then you would seriously find yourself man handled by security. Pour water on her head, yeah, that’s showing her – lmao.

      • HolyGround

        Lmfao do you want me to throw a punch at her too? And I don’t give a shit if she’s miley cyrus and has security, she’s not somehow superior to me and spitting on someone is absolutely disgusting. So you’re telling me you’d like it then? Yeah, cool.

        • thecat61

          Did you ever hear of sarcasm, dumbass?

          No, wait, actually I would love to see you jump the stage, so I could watch it on youtube as she flattens your ass!!!

          • HolyGround

            I have heard of sarcasm, but apparently you haven’t given your replies asshole.

            “As she flattens my ass” LMFAO yes Miley and her flat ass could definitely give me a good beating. Its nice that you have no respect for yourself and want her to spit on you though.

          • thecat61

            You do know she practices tae kwon do, right? So yeah, she’ll flatten your ass!!!

            I’ve had someone spit water on me at a concert once and you know what, I lived to tell about it!!!

          • HolyGround

            So does my 10 year old sister, whats your point? And if Miley really did flatten my ass that would be embarrassing for her considering I’m like 5 years younger than her.

            If you really don’t mind someone spitting on you than you probably should start respecting yourself more.

          • thecat61

            What’s my point? If you can’t figure it out, well then that’s your problem. You’re 5 years younger than her, go figure. LMAO!!!!

            As for the spitting, it was at a concert, at the House Of Blues. Did you ever hear of the group GWAR? Oh shit, I forgot, you’re still a child.

          • HolyGround

            Lmfao you sound like you’re criticizing me for being a 17 year old girl. This is a teen gossip site, so I’m not sure why you’re surprised? You probably can’t read, go figure ;)

            Spitting on someone is completely disrespectful and gross, I don’t care if you’re the fucking president. Nah, I’ve never heard of that group, but if you’re going to call me a child, just remember you’re arguing with one.

          • thecat61

            Oh I can read. That’s why i’m laughing. Not everyone on this site is a teen. And you just admitted that you’re still a child.

          • HolyGround

            Cool but you shouldn’t be so surprised that a teen is on this website. Thats why I’m laughing. And you just admitted you’re fighting with a child, which pretty much puts you on the same level as me :)

  • KeepSwimming

    It’s extra gross now knowing she sucks thongs.

  • ro.

    ugh that’s disgusting, god why can’t she respect people honstly she’s so disrespectful.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    miley could not get any worse and the worst part is the fact that i thought that no matter how bad she’s gonna get, she’s gonna stay respectful to the fans, that’s disrespectful.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    probably had all the dicks in the world being shoved down her throut…god knows what else is in her backwash…

  • Mirela

    You spit on me, say goodbye to your tongue.

  • BrokenArrow18

    I would give her the middle finger