Shailene ‘I Don’t Have A Cell Phone’

The 2014 Film Independent Spirits AwardsShailene Woodley told The Daily Beast: ‘I’m not a big technology person. I don’t even have a smart phone. I don’t even have a cell phone! If I were to have one, it would be a flip phone. There’s a bigger lack of camaraderie and community than there’s ever been.

Since I got rid of my phone, [I’m] having to pull over and be like, ‘Hey, buddy—do you know how to get here?’ I’m talking to people more than I’ve ever talked to in my life because I no longer have that crutch. The more you get away from all the technological buzz, the more freedom you have.

Divergent producers asked me what I liked to do in my spare time and I told them I used to study how to survive in the wild—how to make shelter, build fire, and create weapons out of the ecosystem, but I live in a city, so it also got me thinking about urban survival skills.

My biggest fear is that people aren’t going to realize in time that we are nature, and that we need to think about that fact and respect that fact. People talk about global warming, the oceans, and the rainforest, and we need to be talking about it, but nothing’s going to change unless we change ourselves.

Shailene on Jimmy Fallon under!

Nothing’s going to change in nature until we start with our own bodies, mental health, and happiness. The human race isn’t going to be so fine if we don’t take some necessary steps pronto.’

  • FuckHarry

    I like her but sometimes she just seems so try hard like “look at me I’m such a hippie cause I don’t have a phone and I drink a lot of tea, I’m so different”

  • Emma Stone


    Girl should be getting a cell phone tho so I can hit her up on twitter damn it.

  • Mackintosh

    This whole “I’m a woman of the Earth” shtick her PR is making her play up has already gotten on my nerves. We get it, you like being green and stuff. Next anecdote please. Otherwise she’s okay. I’m not a fan of hers but I don’t dislike her either. She’s just there to me, a bit two
    dimensional. She doesn’t really stand out but that could change.

  • Clauber

    Im in love <3

  • Eva

    Well… she is definitely the right age for a hippie phase… She is also so cute and I love her voice…

  • Cici

    I agree with others. This just seems like one big fad, phase, or whatever to me. I like her, but in a few years she will be back with her technology…I mean how does her manager and family stay in touch with her? Like how does she know about auditions, and press shit that she has to do? I’m seriously curious. Do they write letters?