‘Zayn’s Fiancee’ Wants To Kill Perrie

zayn-trollsA One Direction fan was admitted to the hospital in Holby City with serious heart and psychological problems. She told a doctor that she wanted to track down Perrie and ‘cut off her head with a rusty chainsaw’ because she’s Zayn’s fiancée.

Perrie’s mom @mothergoose2020, Tweeted: ‘Anyone watching Holby city??? Really http://upset.com x‘. The fan also had a large One Direction tattoo on her back. Perrie told OK! about her haters: ‘I say ‘shut up’! I’m an English Rose thank you very much. I’m not going to dye my skin orange, I’m working too hard taking America by storm to fake tan.’

Jesy: ‘Can I just say, all the people hating are just stupid little Zayn Malik fans. They’re hating because they want to be with Zayn.’ Perrie: ‘Get a life!’ Jessie: ‘I actually want Perrie’s skin tone, it’s beautiful. I tried to make myself pale and it wouldn’t happen. I looked like Morticia Adams.’

Zayn is comic book artists: ‘He doesn’t think his drawings are much to rave about, he says he’s the worst artist in his family. But he still dreams of releasing a novel and is over the moon that Marvel artists are keeping in touch via email.’

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  • Zaina777

    Well that’s not creepy at all…gosh girl get a grip.

  • anon

    Little Mix and their families need to learn how to take a joke. It’s a tv show, it’s called acting. It isn’t serious but I guess the mother doesn’t get that. She just wants the money from her daughter and future son in law. And Jesy should just shut her mouth. Let Perrie fight her own battles. What Jesy said was rude and completely uncalled for. She made herself and Perrie look bad

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    I really don’t like how jessy said “stupid little zayn Malik fans” I’m a zayn fan and you don’t see me trying to kill Perrie, I swear some of these fans make us look so bad lol.

  • Nikki

    Holby City is a UK TV program,it’s not real at all.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Hey little mix these stupid fans who bought your floppy album hate when you are something stupid rats , perrie looks like a a mayonnaise bottle walking in that black swim suit lol