Lady Gaga Puked On At SWSX Concert

lady-gaga-puked-onTwo minutes into Lady Gaga’s performance of Swine at SXSW in Texas, Millie Brown came on stage, drank green liquid and then stuffed her fingers into her mouth and vomited all over Lady’s cleavage. Later Brown crawled on top of her and vomits black goo onto her again. Then they both writhe around in it.

Do YOU think it’s okay to mock bulimia? NSFW (TRIGGER) gif under!

UPDATED with FULL VIDEO of the Lady Gaga being vomited on under!


  • Zaina777

    Yes…because this woman wasn’t weird enough already. This is really disgusting even with the so called meaning that went along with it. Why does she resort to being weird all of the time?

  • dlovCyr

    Inspired by 2 girls 1 cup.

    • Bfgh

      No it looks more 2 girls and 1 finger

  • Hollyhysteria

    What. The. Eff.

  • Cici

    uhmmm….I don’t get it. ew.

  • damnthesecelebs

    overhyped and overrated

  • cerenagee

    that is fucking disgusting

  • Alii

    These artists are running out of shocking things to do.


    Can these celebrities get anymore desperate?

  • honesty
  • Whut

    Wtfff this bitch needs serious help!! So fucking disgusting

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    This made me feel sick.

  • name

    oh that’s nasty

  • Ro.

    Ewww gross.

  • J

    LOL. Why would this be on OceanUp? None of you understand art. All you guys listen to is basic music.

    • guest

      hahahah and Lady Gaga isn’t “basic music”? please.

      • boystan

        she’s not

      • Godney

        Gaga could have been SO BIG for so long if she only accepted that she was this blond pop girl.
        But no.. she wanted to be “oh im a REAL artist like totally, dont even compare me to these other singers, i make art! *sings pokerface”

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      this isn’t art tho.

      • boystan


        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          maybe it didnt translate to me like she wanted because ive seen people struggle with bulimia.I see the points in alot of her performances but i’m having trouble with this one tbh.

          • Godney

            Its just look like it has no meaning behind it.
            I struggled with eating disorder (not bulimia tho) and this doesnt seem to have anything meaning full or artistic behind.
            It looks like a girl who’s attention is fading and needs to bring it back.

            (i do not think it was cute when she did it on the monster something video either… but it did looked alot better than this)

  • Dara

    I guess she needs new ways to make headlines even if it’s just for a day. Miley has really been stealing her thunder lately. Lady Gaga is now coming to the realization that someone else is slightly more fucked up than she is, so I guess she thinks she needs to prove herself.

    I think she really is talented and should just rely on her music and let it speak for itself, but then again, it’s Lady Gaga

  • boystan

    It’s called performance art. This is not the first time Millie and Gaga have worked together. They did exactly the same thing on a film for The Monster Ball tour.

  • boystan

    But of course y’all are ignorants and all you wanna see is former disney stars act like they can sing and dance and get fascinated when they start to rebel by swearing at paparazzi. Grow the fuck up.

  • boystan

    Why would she be mocking bulimia if she’s struggled with eating disorders before?

    • ijustneedyounow

      don’t you realise that this could be a trigger to girls in her audience that don’t get the “artistic meaning” like a lot of people? some may just think oh gaga does it so it must be cool. that’s NOT a good thing

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    So disgusting, i can defend gaga for alot of the other shit she does but this is disrespectful.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    And where the fuck is the DWYU video?

    • boystan

      it was cancelled. GUY video is coming out next saturday though.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        didnt she film DWYW already though ? G.U.Y better slay to get peoples attention off this

      • Godney

        But the creepy terry posted pictures behind the scenes… it said it was going to be ready “soon”

  • kat

    disgusting. I find it pathetic if people actually get entertained by this.

  • FML

    A girl who swallows colored milk and vomits it on shit is what the twenty first century calls an artist. I might as well just kill myself.

  • Diamondskyart

    I don’t what feeling I’m having but surpirise and shock is not one of them.

  • malishesm

    but why……….

  • crap

    No but I think we’re all intelligent enough to understand what art is and it’s safe to say this is absolutely and completely NOT ART. Art is defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. I give her the human imagination part but there is nothing skillful, beautiful nor emotionally powerful about this. It’s downright stupid and solely and completely for shock value. There is absolutely nothing artistic about having someone vomit on you. And to the people that do think this is “genuis art” reevaluate your life and reevaluate your choices.

  • Zaina777

    You’re such an attention seeker. Really, are you not the girl who said don’t reply to me on some other post on this site? Why are you replying to me? Really, bro stop trying to start shit. Like, you are really immature. Just stop you weirdo.