Miley ‘I Want To Rubber Fist Myself’

miley-rubber-fistmiley-rubberMiley revealed that she wants to rubber fist herself during private time.

  • Zaina777

    Of course you do, Miley. Of course you do. Why is she being so sexual all of a sudden even with her tweets as well? Did she just discover what sex is or something?

  • name


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    The fu– we don’t care.

  • guest

    I didn’t see any tweet that said that she wants to do what OceanUp says. They are twisting words again.

    • thecat61


      You know what though? Some people don’t get it that Cosmo is asking her these questions? Hence the word COSMO.

      • Godney

        Cosmo is a ew magazine tbh… they always have these kind of articles.

        • thecat61

          That’s what COSMO is all about.

          • Godney

            yes!, its bored to me tbh…

          • thecat61

            I hear ya!

  • Cici

    Like a teenage boy who just had his virginity taken. Can’t stop thinking or talking about sex. That’s all she has to work with

  • damnthesecelebs

    what the actual fuck, keep it to yourself man

  • threelittlebirds

    We’ll, I’ve just been dying to know this..

  • cerenagee

    uhmmm….okay miley

  • Alii

    Like a lady.

  • Godney

    Why is Cosmo Mag still relevant tho? ugh

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Oh, gosh. I honestly think that’s too much.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • ISeeSparksFly

    I would LOVE to go to one of her meet and greets on her tour and hand her a scrapbook full of Emma Watson pictures and say, ‘Now THIS is a woman who respects herself and radiates class. You, on the other hand, act like a teenage girl who just discovered what sex is’ and then, walk away.

    • thecat61

      Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. You’re gonna spend a mucho bucks just to do that. Grow up.

    • KeepSwimming

      Haha I would pay you to do that!

    • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

      Of all the women to pick – Emma Watson?

      I think you meant to say “Taylor Swift”.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Magazines are dead. Moving along.

  • thecat61

    One thing’s for sure, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. You go girl, enjoy!!!!

  • ro.

    is not about the magazine genious, miley is acting sexual for no resason not only for Cosmopolitan magazine.

  • Zaina777

    Ew…it’s you… go away. I actually do know you imbecile. Just because I don’t flaunt my sexuality around like her doesn’t mean I don’t know the ins and out of sex or what Cosmopolitan magazine is. I’m pretty sure that I read it when I buy it almost of the all the time.

    By the way I thought you weren’t gonna reply to me anymore. I’d rather you kept your word. I’ve had enough of you.

  • Godney

    Did you even read the comment? “even with her tweets as well” … talking besides those question.
    yeah didnt think so. so shut it :)

  • Zaina777

    You are the epitome of an imbecile. You think you’re so tough trying to start shit? Maybe you shouldn’t tell people to stop replying to you if you want to start
    start shit talking again. The only stupid cunt here is you. You are such a little attention whore.

  • Zaina777

    I agree. She just wants attention so we should just ignore her.

  • Zaina777

    No, she’s right. You didn’t even read what I wrote and you attacked me. I think that the only one who needs to stop here is you. You couldn’t even defend yourself against her meaning that Godney and I are both right you are wrong. Dude, just go away. You obviously have nothing to do so that’s why you are shit talking yet again

  • Godney

    stop me :)

  • Godney

    yess… besides… who is she? is she new? i hope she has “missterry” because her name is terry and not for that creepy disgusting terry guy.

  • Zaina777

    Who knows…and yeah that Terry guy is so fucking creepy.

  • ro.

    why do you have to be so agressive.
    and hey if she’s been acting like this it is still shocking because women are fighting to be treated with respect and she’s not doing that at all. she’s selling sex wow that’s so cool yeah is not shocking at all ! *sarcasm* in case you didn’t notice.
    i couldn’t care less if you reply or not i’m done here. bye

  • Zaina777

    Alright. You are an ignoramus, stupid, moron, dumb ass,stupid attention whore. Would you like me to go on?

  • Zaina777

    You’re an idiot. I haven’t even commented on your shit since that post with the constant annoying gifs. You said not to talk to you so I didn’t. I respected your wishes so why don’t you respect mine. Don’t talk to me you stupid, disgusting attention whore.

    Oh and FYI you are the people getting me to top commenters by starting shit with me so thank you, dumb cunt.

  • Zaina777

    Homophobic piece of shit go and take your ignorance and insecurities elsewhere you stupid waste of sperm. You really are stupid, aren’t you? You told me to stop commenting to you and you are starting shit with me. You really have no life. I’m not gonna stoop down to your level,kiddo.I would appreciate it it you stopped replying to me.

  • smh.

    omg you people are ridiculous

  • Godney

    Again… did you even read the comment?

    “i hope she has “missterry” because her name is terry”

    Do i have to quote every part of the comment you just dont get?!