Vanessa Hudgens Dances To Beyonce

Shy Vanessa Hudgens Stops By The Creative Artists AgencyVanessa Hudgens walking in a short skirt to Creative Artists Agency in Beverly Hills and at ale by Alessandra Ambrosio launch Party held at the Blue Planet Boutique with Aly Michalka. Photos: FameFlynet.

Nessa dancing to Beyonce’s ‘Yonce’ under!

  • honesty

    I will take Nessa’s dancing over Sel any day! She did so well!!

  • Meh

    I hate the editing of this video, I wish they had just done the full routine in one take so I didn’t have to keep searching for where Vanessa was. Other than that it was cool.

    • honesty


  • Cici

    Ugh can I have her everything seriously? Her bod is perfect.

  • cerenagee

    godddd damnnn<3

  • Kirsten

    I’d take Demi over both Vanessa and selena tbh judging by off that once dance video she did a long time ago but that’s if she can still dance like that . But Vanessa is GOOD! Selena is good at remembering the steps and stuff but she’s stiff af.

    • kk

      demi isnt even that great of a dancer tbh..

      • Kirsten

        In that video she posted of her at a party or whatever yes she was and she actually has an ass to shake lol but Vanessa good to I recently saw a video of Ashley Tisdale she an dance too but I just don’t like Selena’s dancing she looks stiff to me

  • Adrianne

    “Yonce awl on his mouf like liqua” Yaaasss Vanessa! Werq!