Kendall Jenner Drops Jenner Modeling

kendall-jenner-calvin-kleinsKim Kardashian on Kendall Jenner modeling career: ‘She went and auditioned, and she just goes by the name of Kendall, hoping that people won’t think that she gets any [handouts].’

Jenner was accused of getting some favors called in after she walked in the Givenchy show during Paris Fashion Week, in part because Kim Kardashian and her fiance, Kanye West, are good friends with Givenchy’s creative director.

‘She works her butt off! She just goes to casting after casting. I’m so proud of her that she, for her first Fashion Week, was able to achieve all the shows she was able to walk in. She’s living her dream and it’s so inspiring to watch her.’

  • Wtf

    Who comes up with these titles? So awkward to read. New writers please!

    • Sandy McFarlane

      this isnt or the HuffingtonPost, so who cares

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    That is a very hot pic of her.

    • thesestrangelittlethings

      It really is.

  • BangBang

    She looks so much like Kris in that picture!

  • laura

    Well, we all know that is a big fat lie. No one would even want her in her show if it weren’t for Kim and Kanye. She doesn’t have the face they are looking for nowadays. You need to have a characteristic that stands out, that isn’t exactly perceived as beautiful. And she doesn’t have that.

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  • Jared

    Okay, first off, it’s obvious she looks good. She’s 18, she’s tall and thin, and any girl who had that body with the platform to show it off like that would do it. But, it’s the principle of the matter that makes me loathe this family. She, personally, has done NOTHING to get to where she is in modeling. Her entire family and their enterprises have all been developed over Kim’s sex tape, a tape which she wasn’t ashamed of and took advantage of instead of actually working toward something, and everyone else in the family got all the residual press from that. Because it is in her genes (her father is an Olympian) to be tall and thin, modeling was an obvious choice for her to not work and just be called pretty, like Kim did with her tape, because based on her Instagram pictures, being pretty is something she has to be called daily. If she was not who she is, she would NOT have gotten anywhere in the modeling world. There are plenty, and I mean plenty, of girls who are prettier, have more experience, have the drive, passion, and work ethic to work harder than she does to only hope to get to half of where she is. She doesn’t deserve it. And if she actually acted like she wanted it… say, take up interning at a fashion label or taking one year to study fashion, or even tried to do her “career” without the press that SHE creates, I’d have a different approach about her. I always compare her to Ali Lohan. Ali may have gotten to where she is by Lindsay, but she’s not creating the press as a “look at me!” format- she’s actually working, overseas, but still. Kanye is partnered with Givenchy, so it’s not even a wonder why she walked in the show. Her family is beyond rich- why does she have to flaunt that she gets free stuff? And try to make it look like it’s an innocent picture when it’s painfully obvious that she’s using it as a way to AGAIN, get press (which she “complains” about) and/or get a campaign with Calvin Klein which, again, SHE DIDN’T WORK FOR. I’m so tired of people handing them things on the silver platters they don’t deserve. It’s annoying and insulting for the people who work for it and who actually deserve it, as opposed to someone who’s using their sister’s sex tape to further their own career, which we all know she just picked as an excuse to not go to school. Everything about the Kardashian/Jenner clan is disgraceful and isn’t anything to be admired. Give me the REAL people who work for their shit and don’t bask in the press that they desperately reach for, like Emma Watson, Taylor Swift (say what you will about Taylor, but girl works for everything she has, if we’re speaking technically), and Lupita Nyong’o. Don’t waste our time with these brats who don’t deserve it.

    • Hollyhysteria


    • Duckyhoward15

      Not to mention that lots of celebs said she won’t be modeling in two years and that she can’t actually model

    • alywesting

      you know taylor swifts dad is rich and he bought a percentage of big machine records (the label taylor is signed to) before she got the record deal right?

      • HolyGround

        Lol not true. Big machine records was not even a real company until after Scott (Borchetta) offered her a deal to the label he was building. You know how Scott found her? She worked her fucking ass off by singing with her guitar at different places all the time. Scott Swift now owns like 3% of it, which is nothing.

        • Tiredofbullshit


      • Jared

        1.) Taylor Swift comes from a wealthy family. That is a fact. And her being blonde with blue eyes doesn’t help. But it would be different if she came from a wealthy family and literally bought her way to the top or used her looks to get noticed. She made her parents move to Nashville where she personally looked for a label, performed and got a publishing deal on her own before her father stepped in to buy part of Big Machine. It was all her. It was after she made the choice that her father stepped in.
        2.) After she got her record deal, she didn’t shoot to stardom. “Tim McGraw” did moderately well on purely country radio, after she set out to give her album to radio stations, which she played live at their studios and festivals to get her name out. Still all her. It wasn’t until her second single, “Teardrops On My Guitar,” that she started to gain an actual audience, because like it or not, no other artist in any genre was singing about that subject of being a teenager in love and actually being a teenager.
        3.) Not only does she play her own guitar and piano, she wrote her own songs, or at least was a co-writer on them. Again, NO OTHER ARTIST THAT AGE DOING THAT. Everyone else had people writing for them. She really was hands-on with her album then and it hasn’t changed now.
        4.) Taylor has designed her albums, written her songs, built her brand, designed her stage and chosen her setlist for each tour, hand-picked her endorsements, and has been at the forefront of her career personally, without a group of people to do it for her. Even doing her own blog, Myspace, and Twitter without her handlers taking control. For ANYONE to say she doesn’t work hard is bullshit. I actually challenge you to find someone her age, with her fame, that has climbed to the top with nothing scandalous to artificially move her forward and not having anything but her music talked about. (And yes, her love life is connected to it, but it ALWAYS goes back to her music.)
        5.) Unlike Kendall Jenner, whom you seem to be defending, Taylor Swift didn’t take her family’s wealth, nor her height and good looks to make her a name and go with the obvious choice to be a model, which is probably the easiest profession to do (difficult to get into, but easy to do, because you’re basically a mannequin). Taylor went to high school, graduated, and studied country music along the way. Anyone who actually dislikes her is judging her on her love life and seriously, what 23 year old doesn’t have a lot of boys attached to their name? And when you look like her, and have handsome men all around you? Come on. To challenge a Jenner or a Kardashian against Taylor Swift is an insult to Taylor and a obvious cry that you have problems with someone Taylor dated, probably that Harry guy (who all the girls who are mad at Taylor probably liked her before him. None of you will date him. Get over it and don’t blame her for who he picked or who his management picked..) and only like the Jenner/Kardashians because you think they seem normal and are too disillusioned by their glitz and glamor to see they are nothing but a disgrace to pop culture. Get over yourself and don’t try to tear down Taylor because of issues you have with who she dated and possibly yourself.

    • Preach girl

      100% agree. The only episode I have seen of her show is when Kim took Kendall to a runway class with a high up coach, and Kendall was a total bitch, even walking out….WHY does someone like that have success now…as a model, something she obviously didn’t want 3 years ago?

  • Hollyhysteria

    Oh, please. She gets jobs on being hot AND the family name.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Yes sure ofcourse LOL

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    She’d definitely get print work regardless of her name, but she sure as hell wouldn’t get any runway jobs if she wasn’t who she was.

  • Cici

    She’s gorgeous. Who the fuck cares how she got her job? Good for her. No need to be jealous.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    She’s TOO HOT for ugly, dirty Harry Styles!

  • Anon

    We all know she gets the jobs because of her family. It is very unfair, but i’m not gonna hate. Because I know many people, including myself, would take these opportunities if I was in the same place. Like who would not want to be a millionaire?!?!

  • Jenny

    I think Kendall works her butt off and you cant do a runway if you can’t walk and she was coached so its not like she is a is new to doing runways(she did one for a prom fashion shows a year or so ago )some designers wanted her because of her name and she is drop dead gorgeous.

  • honesty

    Y’all don’t know what she has done. You have literally no clue. Why do I know that? Because you don’t know her! Shut the hell up. None of you know the first thing about the modeling industry for you to even say that she gets things handed to her. Sure she may have had an easier start, but to say that her family is the sole reason she gets any jobs is absolutely ludicrous. Obviously she has worked her butt off and learned her angles and how to walk. Doesn’t that count for something? Not everyone has to start from the literal bottom. And the sad part is that no matter how much she works, people like y’all will always try to discredit her or ignore her efforts when in actuality you know nothing at all. STFU haters. Love you Kendall!!

    • Anon

      I think I remember her being a total bitch to a runway coach when Kim tried to get her started….? She DOES get her jobs because of her family name…want proof? In acting or modeling, if ANYONE else were to act like that to a coach, nobody would sign them because of their lack of respect, professionalism, and dedication. So, feel free to defend her now. I do think she’s pretty, but if it weren’t for her family, the disrespect she showed would have ruined her career years ago.

      • honesty

        No. That’s not always the case. Being rude to one coach when you’re just starting out and unknown does not destroy your entire career in neither acting nor modeling. She could have just gotten another runway coach which I’m sure she did…people are rude all the time and I remember her having an attitude about something else. She wasn’t serious about modeling then, she is now and she’s doing very well on her own. Get over it.

        • Anon

          Get over something I was solely stating an opinion on? Sorry, I have opinions, so you can “get over” that. 1) If you read my post, you would see that I had no personal hate for Kendall, I said she’s pretty, which she is. My comment came from a FACT. If you think agencies and coaches don’t communicate with each other, you are 100% wrong. Reputation can make or break you, any agent will tell you they have 50 other girls exactly like you in a room all competing for the same job, so any mistake that can make you a “risk” will more than likely ruin your career. Unless you are established (which she wasn’t in modeling), or your family has fame and money, and that was the point most of the commenters here were making. Sorry you took that so defensively, must be Kris Jenner.

          • honesty

            I’m not even offended. Look at what you’re saying. It’s so stupid!! You’re saying that because she was rude to that one runway coach, there is absolutely no other way she could have become successful in the modeling industry unless she had a famous family. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. You really don’t understand how the modeling industry works. Yeah, sure, agencies communicate with each other and etcetera and they may talk about the girls to one another, but they won’t just blackball you from the entire modeling industry just because of one incident like that, only for something way major. You seriously think the industry is that catty that a coach can just run in, say “she was mean to me”, and just end someone’s career like that? Bye. All I’m saying is that you have zero knowledge that she gets her jobs handed to her. You have zero personal experience in any business of hers. And you have zero credibility for you to even be able to accuse her of “only getting the job because of her family”. Obviously she had to have done some type of work, otherwise she wouldn’t be in the show! You can’t just walk into an audition and say “oh, I’m a Kardashian so give me a job!” These are serious designers that she walked for and her name alone would never have been sufficient enough for them to allow her to walk. Sure it was easier to be seen because of her name, but y’all have the audacity to imply that she did literally nothing? She got into those shows because she had talent. Get out.

  • smb

    You people think everyone who is a child of someone famous automatically makes it in their life choice of a career. If that was the case how do you explain all those children of famous people who didn’t make it, in their career choice. Never hear about them, except when they go overboard and do something illegal or get into drugs and such. You only hear about the ones who make it, and they make is because they must actually have some kind of talent to start with, and then they work at it, just like everyone else. Yes it may be easier to get the door open on occasion, but that’s no guarantee. In fact being a child of a famous person actually can hurt, because of high expectation. Kendall, is tall, which is a requirement for a model, she is pretty, and she has a the required figure needed that people are looking for to be a model. So even if her family’s fame did give her a hand up, she still has to have what it take to take advantage and to work to keep her career.

    • honesty

      This is exactly what I’m saying. These commenters are insane.

  • BangBang

    You guys really don’t like her huh! haha