Justin Bieber Hot Recording Studio Pix

justin-bieber-headband (97)Justin Bieber looking hot in recording studio and out at nightclub in Toronto, Canada, where it has spent the last days. Bieber was accompanied by some friends and bodyguards.Fallsview Casino spokesman Greg Medulun said Bieber and ‘a number of others in his company’ arrived at the casino around midnight by limo. When one of the people in his posse couldn’t provide ID, he was denied entry onto the gaming floor.

‘When we explained that individual would not be permitted access to the gaming floor, that’s when they decided they would leave together. He was recognized by some fan. There were people certainly interested in seeing him, he’s a pop star, but there was no hysteria.

Before Justin leaves Niagara Falls to Toronto, he should come to Port Colborne ;) because I’m crying like a baby,” one fan Tweeted out to him. ‘Justin Bieber is in Niagara Falls and I’m literally 20 mins away from him but I don’t have a ride,’ wrote another. On Saturday, Christian Distefano Tweeted: ‘Haha, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in Niagara Falls right now.’ Medulun says Gomez was not among the group

  • HA

    He looks like he’s taking a shit.

    • Eva


  • Duckyhoward15

    when will people understand this face isn’t sexy its fucking annoying just like the duck face

    • Tash

      Its bieber! Expecting him to understand anything is just foolish on our part. So i just look, roll my eyes and carry on with life.

      • Duckyhoward15

        haha brilliant <3

    • carrie

      thats how i look like when i try to read things w/o my glasses.

      • Duckyhoward15

        But when people do it thinking its cute it makes me annoyed GRRRRRRRRRR

  • Guest

    Why is it in every selfie he takes, he makes the face like someone is trying to explain a concept to him and he doesn’t understand?

    (Sorry, that’s the best way to explain it. But, he always makes the same face)

  • Marina And My Diamonds


  • A

    Stop it ..

  • Kail

    The Jaden Smith look

  • Cici

    Why must he insists looking like a douche swag bag? ugh

  • Bad

    Then he wonders why people call him girl
    Cause he looks like one oh my god

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    I hate him, but one thing I’ll give him credit for – HE LOVES HIS FANS.

    Unlike One Direction, who ALWAYS complain about fans.

    I think he’ll last longer than 1D.

    • honesty

      Preach it!

    • kjjbkj

      i think they love their fans equally. Him and 1D seem to grasp that they would be nothing without their cray fangirls and they both say lots of times how greatful they are for them. 1D even made a song for their fans called diana.