Selena Gomez BOOZE & BIEBER!

selena-booze-bieber-2bieber-tatFriend told STAR: ‘It kills her that people cannot see the Justin that she sees in him.’ At Vanity Fair party ‘Selena was drinking tons of champagne and doing vodka shots. She was stumbling all over the place, clearly not in control.’

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  • anon

    I don’t think they got back together. I just saw a video of them walking in Texas and they looked as friends. The reunion is probably a plot to draw attention away of his legal troubles

    • Guest1

      I really hope they didn’t. I think they should be friends for now and see where it goes. Jumping right into it without fixing whatever problems they have probably won’t do any good.

      • anon

        Yup, I agree. But I don’t think they want fix nothing, they’re content with their status right now and they’re probably get amused with the frenzy that their reunions cause in the media as it is just a game for them now. Selena also probably want piss her team off since they are obviously having problems

    • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

      Why would Selena agree to be the distraction then?

      What does she get in return? Looking like an idiot for going back to Bieber?

      • kurty

        hello, selena without Bieber, doesn’t get jobs or media time. Nobody is interested in selena she sound too rehearse and she so bad is noticeable that she taking fake. she fake fake fake,she cant sing or dance or play instrument or write sosng, as an actress the only show was with wizard she not good in big scream movie, when she with Bieber she stay notice in headlines, and she gets jobs offer and invited to awards she usually not invited thanks to Bieber. All her headlines aree with Bieber without him nobody reads about her. she what you call a famewhore. she revelant thanks to her boyfriend status not hers.

  • A Cat

    What worries me is that even if Selena doesn’t have an alcohol and drugs problem, she’s putting herself into dangerous territory by surrounding herself with people who are known for using it. Friends have a lot of influence in your life and your choices.

  • ivan

    Star has been exposed with more false stories than even Hollywoodlife and the morons here believe any negative report as long as it’s about Bieber. Who forced her to drink for the year or more that they broke up; why did not her friends discourage her since plenty of pics show her drinking with them? She was see intoxicated at an awards afterparty, Bieber was not there to put it in her mouth.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Well this is by Star so that’s that.

  • thecat61

    Star magazine — lmao.

  • KeepSwimming

    ‘At Vanity Fair party ‘Selena was drinking tons of champagne and doing vodka shots. She was stumbling all over the place, clearly not in control.’
    I usually don’t believe tabloids, but if this is true maybe that’s why we saw no pictures of her and Taylor Swift.

    • hmmm

      I’m pretty sure she didn’t arrive there drunk, so no excuse

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    It’s not what Selena sees IN Justin.

    It’s that Selena wants Justin IN her.

    I bet he’s great in bed. He has alot of practice with prostitutes.

  • alex

    what a good role model and so classy (sarcasm)
    she preached so much and it she seem to be the worst one out of the Disney girls.

    • threelittlebirds

      she’s 21, she’s allowed to drink.

      • thecat61

        Ikr. Why is it such a big deal when a celebrity drinks or is spotted stumbling? They’re human, people need to stop putting them on a pedestal. They didn’t take a vow on not to drink.

        And about the role model and classy shit — let it go!!!!!