Ariana Grande Chris Brown Duet Delay

ariana-chrisChris Brown was thrown out of rehab on Friday after breaking three ‘internal rules’, one of which was to stay at least two feet away from any women. The rule was made because he is still on probation for his 2009 assault of Rihanna, but he broke it by ‘touching elbows and hands’ with a woman.

According to TMZ, Chris was ‘also in some sort of sexual encounter with a woman at the facility’ earlier this month, but it was not cited as evidence to thrown him out. Chris, who is thought to be dating Karrueche Tran, who has frequently visited him in rehab, is also said to have initially refused a drug test after an unauthorised outing, and although he did eventually submit to it and the results came back negative, his refusal breached the centre’s rules.

His third violation is said to have been when he made a ‘mockery’ of his rehab during a group session. Chris is currently in a Los Angeles jail, where he is being held without bail. He will appear in court today where his lawyer is expected to ask for him to be placed under house arrest until his outstanding court case, where he faces charges of an allegedly assaulting a man named Parker Adams in Washington D.C., is resolved.


  • anon

    she needs to improve her diction

  • LOL

    What did she expect ..i mean she did collab with chris brown..

  • Cici

    Duh Ariana. Too bad she couldn’t duet with someone who can actually handle their career.

  • AintThatAShame

    This aint no mariah carey ft. boyz ll men duet ariana, get real. Stop trying to be mariah 2.0 or Jordan sparks 2.0.

  • Lily

    Maybe it’s the sound quality, but man, she sounds really nasally in this song.

  • Eva

    Ari has a nice voice but the thing is, you don’t really want to listen to a whole album of it. I can’t even finish listening to most of her songs because she over uses the high pitch thingy she does…. And that is why I personally think Demi and Miley have better music.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I hate Chris Brown. The fact that he was kicked out of rehab, just shows what kind of person he is. I thought he would turn himself around and maybe see the light, but he is just one of those people who can’t be saved and do not add anything positive nor good to this world.