• Marina And My Diamonds

    I thought they already did after ‘I need attention’ Cheyne kept messing with Demi and Miley was just sitting back and basically co-signing it.

  • A Cat

    They didn’t seem that close anyway with the whole Cheyne thing so this doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • honesty

    I loved their friendship til Miley started acting all looney.

  • Andreaaa

    I wonder how Demi is going to turn this into on of her cute little “I went to Rehab” stories.

    • Alii

      You’re cool.

    • Becca

      Not sure how she’s going to do it but everyone knows she will.

    • Anna

      Oh you mean her stories that have prevented her fans from doing something stupid and not getting help when they need it? Seriously, grow up. The fact that you think rehab stories are something that are used for attention is literally disgusting. She talks about it because no one else does. She talks about it to help people. She doesn’t talk about it to get attention. She went to rehab for some serious issues to and your basically making a joke out of it. What the hell is wrong with you? You are a messed up and immature person for saying something this stupid and ignorant.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Taylor remains unbothered by these stupid Disney feuds.

    And only befriends Grammy winners and top international models.

    • LOL

      you should really think about crawling out of Taylor’s ass…..

    • Kylie

      …But somehow ended up dating most of Hollywood. I still love Taylor, but it is what it is.

      • anonymous

        yeah her feuds are with all the guys that she’s famehoed

      • grow up

        Most of hollywood? come on, we’re back on the slut shaming page. She’s dated six guys since she was 16. Stop being sexist and slut shaming her and believing tabloid media.
        her only problem is that she has a douche bag magnet

        • tay cray

          no her problem is being greedy . She only dates famous guys because she knows people’s priority is finding out who the song is about. I mean who the fuck put secret messages in the lyric booklet to tell people who the song is about ?? she’s immature

          • Get real

            Yes because Connor Kennedy is so famous

          • GentileJewel

            He is a Kennedy!

          • grow up seriously

            She’s done the secret message thing since she was 16 and she got famous bc she likes to write songs about her exes, back then her exes weren’t famous (they were guys in high school) also, dating famous guys isn’t bad you ignorant, she’s in the business so she’ll date someone in the business too. She hasn’t dated anyone in over a year and it’s not her fault people are curious and so into other people’s life bc THEY have no life.
            You’re immature for being sexist and ignorant. Seriously grow the fuck up.

    • Penelope

      And also befriends every guy in Hollywood. Oops.

  • Zaina777

    I’m Team Demi she stays the same while Miley acts all ratched.

    • Dara

      Agreed. By the way, some bitchy anons are talking shit about you in the “Miley Bieber Boyfriend Remix” post. Just thought you should know <3

      • Zaina777

        Thanks girl. I saw their comments…I don’t pay attention to brainwashed attention whores/whore enablers.

        • thecat61

          Really!!! LMAO

          • Zaina777

            Yeah… Demi is normal and Miley is an attention seeking famewhore.

          • thecat61

            Yeah ok. Demi is a rehab famewhore. She doesn’t know when to shut-up. Her damn sob story is getting old.

          • Zaina777

            I’d rather take that over whore Miley. Your argument is still invalid you little whore enabler.

          • thecat61

            You’re invalid. I see the immaturity is coming out once again. I guess that’s what’s to be expected from you, lover.

          • Zaina777

            “You’re invalid” sweetheart go back to school…”lover”… of what?
            You really are the epitome of an imbecile.

          • thecat61

            I’m thinking you should hit the books to expand your vocabulary, babe.

          • Zaina777

            Says the imbecile who misses key words in her insults.

          • thecat61

            Missing key words — yeah ok!!! You’re such an idiot.

            Imbecile — lmao. Only kids in elementary school use word’s like that. Either you’re still there or your brain hasn’t fully developed yet. My guess, both!

          • Zaina777

            You’re a illiterate piece of shit. First off what child uses the word imbecile in elementary school. I know you didn’t.

            Also, you don’t make sense. Who the fuck says “You’re invalid”?. It’s “your argument is invalid”…you stupid dumb bitch.

            Also, clearly my brain is still functioning better than yours is because it’s not polluted and corrupt with stupid whores who brainwash, nonsensical stupid bitches like you who can’t seem to think for themselves and defend whore behaviour before morals.

          • thecat61

            Your brain is stuck on stupid. Maybe it’s time for mommy to change your diaper because you’re full of shit!

          • Zaina777

            Says the whore enabler. You should really look in the mirror. You’re a fucking joke and a hypocrite. Oh and your insults are just pathetic as you are,kiddo.

          • thecat61

            Ok let’s see, whore enabler, epitome of an imbecile, stupid bitches, yep, stuck on stupid, carpet muncher!

          • Zaina777

            My insults are true and run laps around your so called insults you “carpet muncher” whatever the fuck that is.

          • thecat61

            How fucking childish you are. Run laps around your so called insults — omg lmao. Oh yeah and I forgot, you’re also dumb as a box of rocks.

          • Zaina777

            You honestly sound like your twelve. The way you type and write and love everything that Miley the whore does.

          • thecat61

            Take a look at your own comments, dumbass. Talk about sounding like a 12yr. old. You take the cake.

          • Zaina777

            Right…that’s why I get so many votes up and you get like none.

            I’m intelligent and you are just an unintelligent, whore enabler.

          • threelittlebirds

            a carpet muncher is someone who licks pussy. not sure how it’s a insult, but thought i’d let you know :)

          • Zaina777

            Yeah I decided to urban dictionary that ratched shit. Thanks though.

          • Bre

            You are argument. Lol. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them. Build a bridge and get over it.

          • Zaina777

            Oh, look I changed it that’s more than I can say for you stupid brainwashed whore enablers. I can at least admit my spelling error unlike you arrogant. brainwashed whore enablers.

  • anon

    Team Taylor and Karlie Kloss

    • HolyGround

      Ugh same

  • Cici

    Good for Demi! Miley doesn’t need good, caring, or healthy friends.

  • Kylie

    rawrrr… drama!!

  • dlovCyr

    I mean Demi is fucking annoying most of the time.. and miley has changed.. so it’s understandable.

    • smb

      Miley didn’t change, she changed back, to the person she would have been had she not ended up on Hannah Montana. She finally being true to herself and not pretending.

  • anon
  • anon

    I want to see Miley and Demi fighting like physically to see who’d win. I bet Miley doesnt even know how to fight.

    • Kirsten

      We all now Demi would when remember how bad that dancer chick eye was after one punch. I would rather her fight cheyne dirty looking ass! Lmao does he bathe?

      • KK

        Well Demi is mean to others because she was punch that girl in the face she can be arrested for that

        • LAChris08

          Dude, old news. she got help for that you know.

          • KK

            I am not a dude i am a girl ok dude I know she help if someone hit somebody they will be arrested stupid

          • LAChris08

            Dude is often used just a non gender specific term:) I don’t even get what you are trying to say. You stated she was mean and could get arrested. I simply said, the was old news, she went to rehab to deal with those issues. Dancer got damages in a settlement. No reason to even bring up her old issues. When you use drugs, you are not yourself.

          • KK

            why you call me dude?sorry but i am a girl not a dude like you ok i know it was a old news but if some get fight they get arrested do you understand that

          • GentileJewel

            One: Nice excuses for her and No she has not changed! Two: A Dude is a guy it is still the same in its definition! Only stupid or ignorant people use it the wrong way!

          • LAChris08

            1. So no one changes, ever. She is still addicted to drugs? Are you the same person your were 5 years ago? Experiences change people. She apologized, and paid damages to “Shorty,” and it was done. I know I am no where near the person I was when I was younger. 2. When I was growing up, “dude” was used so many ways… Dude, yes is a guy. But It often also means friend, or just an ultrafamiliar address. Or it can be an exclamation of suprise…like yelling “DUDE” when you get soaked with cold water, or whatever. I have seen it used by girls, calling other girls, Dude. So yeah..it has many uses. Calling someone ignorant or stupid when you know nothing about them, well..tends to point to at least a certain amount of either ignorance, or arrogance..Might try less of that..

          • Astoria_Malfoy

            Once an addict, always an addict. It’s like once you become and alcoholic, even if you seek and receive help and stop drinking, you are still an alcoholic. That is why support groups exist and are important.

      • anon

        But Cheyne is a man, even if he’s skinny, men are naturally stronger than women.

      • Godney

        ooh yess.. i am still waiting for a video of that to leak lol.

    • LAChris08

      Oh miley likely can fight, but Demi is likely stronger:)

      • anon

        From experience I know that being stronger doesnt mean you can win a fight unless you’re talking about someone much much stronger like lets say a 200 pound man agaisnt a 100 pound woman (that’s why there’s weight divisions in boxing duh). The better fighter always wins. But I dont think Miley knows how to fight.

    • thecat61

      Miley practices tae kwon do.

  • doodles

    I’m waiting for someone to blame Selena because she’s this super genius manipulator who turns everyone into enemies Lol

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    This should have happened way back when Cheyne made fun of Demi. Miley seems to be so easily influenced by her friends it’s sad she should just be her own person.

    • HolyGround

      Soo true

  • rose.garden

    Demi needs to stay as far away as possible from Miley.

  • A

    I cannot believe I live in a world where if you unfollow someone on a social network site, you’re automatically not friends with them anymore.

    • toh

      Judging by the whole Cheyne thing I think it’s legit. Plus, why would you unfollow your bff in twitter?

      • LAChris08

        I see both parts. One…people unfollow by accident, by software glitches, or just cause they don’t wanna follow anymore. Doesn’t mean they aren’t friends. That being said, Cheyne adding his own drama..Demi deserves better anyway

  • Lily

    Cheyne is the type of person who thrives by making people pissed off. I’m so ready for Miley to ditch him and his five minutes are up.

  • toh

    Cheyne over Demi. Some standard Miley’s got :/

  • RubyWoo

    Not sure whey everybody is dickriding Demi because of what Cheyne chooses to say out of his mouth. All three of them are GROWN, has nothing to do with Miley. Call me fake but when I have two mutual friends who are not on the best of terms I may try to mediate in the beginning but after that I stay out of it. Besides we only see one side, we don’t know how they all fell out to judge based on some Twitter comments. Demi doesn’t have time for Cheyne and no matter how much Demi sales out a show she’ll never have as much money as Miley, bitch is filthy rich. Guess they ain’t got time for each other.

  • thecat61

    So Miley quietly unfollows Demi on twitter. Did any of you know that Demi unfollowed Brandi last week? So now this hungry, bitter bitch (demi) goe’s on a rant on twitter because Miley unfollowed her. So, know we see from Demi she don’t have da time fo #pettybullshit (who’s petty here) and #toobusykillingit (killing what exactly?) Maybe the rehab queen should just stfu and get over herself. Because everyone and their grandmother is tired of hearing her fucking sob story.

    Demi has been throwing shade at Miley since last year, but some of you are too blind to see that, because Demi can do no wrong in your eyes. Sorry to burst your bubble people, but Demi is no saint either is Miley.

    • Miranda

      I see people saying that Demi has been throwing shade at Miley in the last months, but I only remember that tweet in december… What you guys are talking about???
      Ps: no hate or anything, I’m just curious…

      • thecat61

        Demi has been throwing hate since Miley’s new music came out.

        • Miranda

          Well… I still don’t get it… but ok… thanks.

    • Anna

      Oh look another ignorant and disgusting post about rehab. It isn’t a sob story you idiot, it is something she talks about because she doesn’t want other people letting their problems get as far as hers did. And she is asked on these talk shows to talk about it, that isn’t her fault. Ughh comments like these are why I am losing faith in humanity.

  • anon

    Not team anything, but tbh it’s kinda karma for Demi because at the time she did betray Selena’s back by hanging out w/ Miley in the first place. And true friends don’t hang out with their best friend’s “enemy”. Idk, just putting it out there. No hate.

    • asdf

      sorry but why did demi betray selena when selena was the one who ditched demi for taylor? and selena dated lautner while she KNEW that demi had a crush on him n 2009. i also have two friends who hate eachother its no big deal. btw selena is always the one who ruins something. she could have been mileys best friend too if she didnt steal nick away from miley. if that never happened then maybe miley would still be a goodie two shoes.

  • johnny

    They haven’t been “friends” for a while now, does it really matter if they confirm it?

  • BrokenArrow18

    Finally I was waiting for this to happy. LMAO why is demi trying to brag about her tour, is not like something Miley never did before????????

  • BrokenArrow18

    I want to punch Demi right in the middle of her pity ass face with a chair. Everytime she speaks her mouth is to shade someone and hide behind ‘Im an activist and a great role model so I can say whatever I want so dont judge me but I judge everyone else’ act.

  • ANON


  • Zaina777

    Yes…I think we’ve all established that you are a stupid cunt. So what’s your point?