• Michelleg3323

    He looks hot. I want a magazine.

  • fghjkl

    wow i soooooooooooo in love with him blanda sooooo lucky to have him as a boyfriend now i wonder why are jealous or got envy of her haha

    • m

      you’re retarded. poor thing

  • amy


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Looking good, he cleans up well.

  • anon

    Is he gonna become a model now? I would be so down for that and then he can befriend Cara and rebefriend (is that a word?) Karlie Kloss!

    • uio

      No he is not become a model those pictures is from magazine and model thong is not his type because he loves singing and acting

      • uio


  • roxanneXD

    blanda had to do in those clothes? sure! is horrible lol

    • Me

      No dumbass. Blanda had nothing to do with it. His stylist Avo chose them. Quit trying to blame everything you don’t like on Blanda.

    • AA

      you dont know what else to say about blanda stop made up things to her you are so immature

  • Hm

    How is he still relevant?

    • JoeJonasTroops

      Well he has you commenting doesn’t he? You must be a directioner, brush your teeth and go to sleep honey.

      • Hm

        Come on, I think everyone in the world is burnt out of “honey.” I am neither a directioner or whatever you call a fan of the Jo Bros. I just happened to come across this website after a few years and am contemplating the last time I’ve heard their name since last year. It was an honest question. No need to get sassy, sweetie.

    • gnhgnh

      sorry but he is not relevant you dont know him he doesnt know that you exist so shut up

    • GentileJewel

      How are you not a piece of shit? Sorry things don’t revolve around you! As for your need for info it is called learning first about some ones worth! Then! Opening your fat mouth on this Stupid (doesn’t make sense) subject of yours!

  • JoeJonasTroops

    I’m surprised blanda isn’t there…or maybe she is…who knows? She might be in the background!

  • j

    OU, Joe almost lost control last night. He was about to fight with another guy due to criticism of him as DJ


    • Anon

      Best that he did not fight, he would have gotten his ass kicked.

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    why is anyone talking about how awful those outfits are