Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Duet Coming

selena-bieber-duet (1)selena-bieber-duet (1)selena-bieber-duet (2)selena-bieber-duet (3)selena-bieber-duet (4)Selena Gomez pictured at the Sunset Tower pool yesterday with friends to possibly nurture a hangover :\ According to Bieber fans, they asked him why he had deleted the videos posted of him and Selena. He reproduced a song he wrote and sings along with Selena for fans and according to them, the music is very beautiful and has the name ‘Unfamiliar’.

One of the fans said that one of the excerpts played by Selena on Justin possible song is ‘It will be easy, just let go and trust the heart to decide.’ Selena sings ‘will be easy, just let go and trust the heart to decide, ‘Something like that, do not remember. It’ll be easy just release yourself and trust to make hearts to decide.’

So the ;getting back together; is likely promotion for new upcoming music.


  • Guest1

    But when was she even in the studio?

    • honesty

      A better question would be why* was she even in the studio. Girl can’t sing. Stop Selena. Love you but just stop singing!! You’re not good at it!

      • Zaina777

        Selena is like Whitney compared to Farrah Abraham.

        • honesty

          Lol! They both shouldn’t sing though.

          • Zaina777

            Selena is the most beautiful singer in the world. You’re just jealous.

        • laura

          omg because of you I looked up Farah Abraham: that song was fucking scary!! Holy shit :o

          • Zaina777

            You’re welcome.

          • laura

            Have to send this to my friends though haha

          • Zaina777

            I heard just it today. She’s amazing right? Move over Mariah.

          • laura

            Best song ever! :p no but seriously, the editing made her voice incredibly creepy, like a freaking robot..

          • Zaina777

            She sounds like she’s talking her song as opposed to actually singing it like she’s supposed too.

          • Zaina777

            I think Oceanup is lurking our conversation…they just posted about her song.

          • laura

            Just noticed it too. Apparently we’re just too interesting haha
            I loved the comments on youtube though, they were freaking hilarious!

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Whitney after the crack?

        • honesty

          I thought this was a totally random reference and then OU caught up ROFL. How horrible!

  • Boo

    They’ll be broken up again before the dong even comes out.

    • Boo


      • uest

        Honestly, I think both words work in this case

        • A Cat

          you actually have no idea how long i laughed about this.

        • oh

          I laughed so hard at this omg I love you
          seriously I’m coughing xD

  • ikeepempressedt


    • Zaina777

      Santana/Naya! <3

  • laura
    • HolyGround


  • Cali

    “So the getting back together; is likely promotion for new upcoming music.” Totally knew it was some kind of publicity stunt. Not that surprised.

  • Alii


    Wtf are konhrs.

    • javi g

      lol i think its german or french for weeks or months maybe its french if they are in canada.

    • honesty

      I just can’t figure it iut.

  • Zaina777

    Their song is going to be called: We break up all the time but even though we both are attractive people and can easily find other people we always go back to each other…because we’re young and in love and we don’t care what you beliebnators thinks because we have swag.

    • anonymous

      no it’s called: publicity stunt

  • Tash

    In that pic she looks like a youthful old person. Weird. Like the harry potter characters when they made them old with makeup.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Aw hell nah, that’s messy. Bye.

  • Tash

    The only part of this that phased me is the words ‘selena’ and ‘song’. Everytime she and music is mentioned, I just ask the lord why did he do this….then I realise it was the devil. Oh Satan you shall not win!

    • honesty

      ROFL mte.

  • javi g

    i don’t think a duet is going to work. remember he supostly had a duet with taylor swift a couple of years ago. and then the miley cyrus duet that never happened. i love selena but i don’t think his producers or record company would take this duet seriously too.

    • Cici

      Miley & Justin did a couple songs together.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I adore Selena I wish she would take her career more seriously and stop doing it for just the money. She knows her singing voice isn’t that good, she’s admitted it multiple times.

    • javi g

      like i have been saying before she should do more indie movies. and big movie casting agents don’t take former disney actors serious. so in my view she should do indie films. or supporting roles until she finds a good movie or she should change her agent and manager.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        I agree but she’ll never fire her Mom.. I don’t think.

        • javi g

          yeah but theres going to be a time when she looks back at her film career and she’s going to be disgusted because most of them are teen movies and crapy action films. she had a bunch of films on hold. in my view her mom is the problem and the crapy agent. when it comes to her film career.

    • Ricardo

      I’m sorry but i don’t thing it’s for money, as she said she doesn’t care about sales… like she barely promote her music, it’s just for touring.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Sure.. it’s not for money. Riiiiight.

    • anon

      Right now she is in the f*ck u phase, where she just wants have fun and be young and free and partying with her friends, I mean she rented a suite at the Sunset Tower so she could have fun with her girl friends for this weekend, so it looks she don’t care about her career right now

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        That’s all well and fine (I hope she’s having fun) but when she’s done taking her break then what? I’m sure she still wants her career to be around.

        • anon

          I agree, but imo she doesn’t have the future in her mind right now and that’s why she is having problems with her team. Btw did you read this article?

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            The type of person she’s portrayed herself to be I thought she would be thinking about the future of her career. I just read it they had some good points. And you’re right I don’t think she cares neither.

  • Kirsten

    Lmao she can’t even sing he should’ve called Demi or Ariana I feel like their voices would sound good with his

  • BrokenArrow18


  • Emma Stone

    I used to love Selena but I generally can not with the girl these days. Can she just peace the fuck out of this already.

    • Eva


  • anna

    so is it a justin song ft selena or selena song ft justin?

  • Kylie

    They’re turning their life into a soap opera.

  • K

    The girl in the pciture with her looks like a young Demi :O

  • 7o

    “So the ;getting back together; is likely promotion for new upcoming music.”

    exactly . The second I read the headline of this post I thought : “oohhhhh of course they got back together.It makes 100% sense now .”
    They’ve been milking the relationship for years and the last step is a duet . (actually the last step will be a pregnancy but who knows how far they can go.I mean after all it runs in both families getting knocked up at a young age lol )

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