Bieber ‘My Foot Was Broken Not Drunk’

ugly-bieber-broke-footJustin Bieber appeared to to be under the influence when he was told to walk the line while in Miami jail because he broke his foot skateboarding, reports TMZ. Bieber tested positive for Xanax, weed and his alcohol level was .014.

Bieber told cops he had a hairline fracture on his right foot, caused by a skateboarding accident 3 months earlier. Bieby is currently back with Selena Gomez even though her family and friends reportedly detest him and the danger he puts her life in.

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  • Hollyhysteria


  • Oh lord

    Lol! Yeah right! He’s been snowboarding, clubbing, playing basketball ect…. All within those three months, but he suddenly has trouble walking a straight line, while he just happens to be under the influence of Xanax and alcohol, then miraculously is healed enough to climb on top of a car, then go partying immediately after? That has got be his dumbest excuse yet. He would’ve been better off saying the fact that his shoes were too big was the cause of his stumbling.

    • Mirela

      He wears pants that are 10x bigger than size normal size. He wears shirts that come from the bigger section. I pretty sure his shoes qualify as well. It’s about being big with him. Not normal.

    • RiriNAVY

      He could still have a problem with his foot. He still walked that line pretty well, keep in mind it was almost morning he didn’t sleep or eat whole night, some people can’t walk a straight line sober.


    it’s honestly sad what the drugs are doing to his ‘looks’ :(

    • ivan

      What drugs? Pot? The only provable thing he takes is pot on occasion. Xanax is a legal perscription drug. We don’t know the facts on that. Rumors of coke or Lean are just rumors not supported by any blood or urine test of which we know. He may have experimented with them two or three times giving rise to the rumors as I have tried pot a few times because my friends encouraged me to do so. Both can remain in your system for days or weeks. Furthermore, he looks fine; he has the tendency to sleep very little as he did yesterday when he was up for over 24 hours in a studio. Nobody looks his best under those conditions.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        drinking ages you the most,and we know he does alot of that.
        and drinking is legal if your over 21,so the fact that something is legal doesn’t really matter.smoking is also legal, but if ages you terribly.

        and he definitely does other illegal drugs lol

        • ivan

          I agree. You should not drink too much. I think he only drinks once in a while such as a beer which he did drink in South Africa where the legal age is 19.

          I think the media has exaggerated or falsified his use of drugs-only pot and xanax for anxiety are confirmed by any blood or urine test. If he were addicted [a regular user as TMZ claimed] it would have shown up in his system since traces could remain weeks after you take it in your system. Both Gossipcop and The Inquisitr sites have discounted rumors of lean use.

          • ivan

            I was talking of Sirzzerp or lean as something he supposedly takes all the time as TMZ and Blindgossip claimed but disputed by the two reliable sites I mentioned.

  • ivan

    Why is it not mentioned that TMZ which is not a friend to Justin Bieber itself says that the case against him is very weak. Furthermore, the claim he’s a danger to Selena is ludicrous.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Okie dokie then.