• Duckyhoward15

    she needs to stop with the duck face and her band mates too actually every celeb out there , you look retarded and annoying not sex try the lip biting pose

  • laura

    I need those shoes! So going to buy them when I’m in America this summer, I’ve been wanting them for ages :o

  • guest123

    So beautiful. Amazing girl, I love her!!!!

  • camilasunshine

    My Sunshine. Yay :) I’m loving that shirt, shoes and side braid. Her legs are also amazing. She got me feeling some type of way.

  • A

    Not to sound rude but the other 4 girls tweet way better things. Ally,normani,Lauran and Dinah even camila all tweet encouraging things about loving yourself, not change for other people. Yet you chose the one member/one tweet that’s say ‘I’M SUCH A LOSER’. Was so interesting about that please tell me?.

  • Boobo

    Sometimes I think Camila gets to much attention{if you know what I mean} I know it’s not her flout, but you can kind of see she starting to like the attention more and more.

  • BrokenArrow18

    somehow she annoys me idkw?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Her.. I still don’t like her but I like those shoes.

  • camilasunshine

    She’s from a girl group called Fifth Harmony, you should check out some of the acoustic covers. If you do, I recommend Stay, Honey Moon Avenue and Red. Some of my fav covers they’ve done. Really talented girls