Duggars ‘Sex Before Marriage = STDs’

duggar-girls-hpv-0Reality stars Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger Duggar, four of the 20 Duggar children from the show 19 Kids and Counting, have put all of the relationship advice they’ve learned into a book called Growing Up Duggar.

Preview tips for you: ‘If [physical intimacy]* is done prematurely or with multiple partners, the very thing that was created to bring joy can bring sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, herpes and human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause infertility, cervical cancer and a life sentence of pain and suffering. During our single years,

This physical attraction, if not carefully controlled, can also be one of the biggest sources of temptation and struggles.. God has created us to have a natural physical desire toward men. When these feelings arise, we thank God for making us ‘normal.’’

‘If a guy cannot control himself with you before he is married, how are you going to trust him around other women after you marry him? ..Viewing pornography gives them a distorted view of women that leads them down the path of immorality and guilt.’

Source note: According to the CovenantEyes 2014 Pornography Statistics Annual Report, 50 percent of all Christian men and 20 percent of all Christian women say they are addicted to pornography. Also, one in eight online searches are for porn. There are 20 Duggar kids, so stats say at least two are addicted to porn.

  • Boo

    Shut up.

  • ikeepempressedt
  • Sandy McFarlane

    These girls are a fucking M E S S.

    • smh

      not really, they’re not. and when people say it seems like they’re forcing their views on someone else, they’re not. where did they even mention that? leave them alone and dont judge them for their beliefs. judgmental as fuck.

    • A Cat

      Not really. Lots of people value keeping their virginity for marriage. It’s not a big deal.

  • laura
  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    It’s cool that you guys don’t have sex before mariage it’s cool you guys don’t kiss till you’re married but please don’t knock people down just because they had sex and kissed someone before they got married it doesn’t make them any less of a person. Do your thing but don’t shove your beliefs down everyone’s throat.

  • honestly

    I mean, I agree with most of their views but if you have views & beliefs you should be mature and do what you want without seeming like (idk if they are but it seems like) you’re forcing it on others. idgaf if someone is having sex before marriage but i aint’ doing that shit

    • iWizard

      They wrote it in a book. People choose whether or not to read it.

      • honestly.

        Well then OU why did you post this? it’s only causing useless debates and insults. Stop posting about them!!!!

  • Emmy

    Self-righteous morons. It’s insulting for them to say that STDs are punishment for having sex out of wedlock. It’s degrading. Many women get raped and contract STDs. Married people who conceal their disease give their partners STDs. These people are downright awful and insanely judgmental.

    • iWizard

      Nobody said anything about rape. Rape is a horibble, horrible thing and whomever commits it should be punished severely.

      And I think it goes without saying that married people that have STD’s are committing a crime against their spouse, but you didn’t ask them about adultery, did you? Nope, this post is about pre-marital sex. I bet if you asked them about adultery, they would say the same thing. But you didn’t. So what’re you so angry about?

      • Emmy

        The problem is that they say STDs are PUNISHMENT for pre-maritial sex, that’s insulting. Trust me, there are many many ways to contract STDs and many times, people don’t even disclose they have them. They should never make such insensitive comments on such a topic because many people are suffering from these diseases. If you look at the AIDS problem in Africa, you would know why this is particularly insulting.

  • Duckyhoward15

    who are these ?

  • GetSomeMorals

    I agree with them tbh..
    I just hate their ugly jean skirts…
    Anyways the girls who are telling them to shut up, are just jealous because theyre sluts or arent pure like the dugggar girls, because they wanted sex with that guy from school and got it and he dumped you. Now you feel like a worthless slut..

    • hini

      I’ll give you an advice: STOP having radical thoughts. Anyone who has radical views of life or judges people they don’t even know as sluts is mentally unhealthy. Believe it or not you can be compared to islamic terrorists. Those guys are extremely religious and all they think is that only their religion is right. Only the things they wear and do, only their views is right to them. Anyone who thinks otherwise must be destroyed. So they attack USA or whatever country “in the name of Ala/God” thinking they’re doing what their God wishes. So just fucking stop and start accepting people’s beliefs, stop thinking everything should revolve around God and the bible, stop thinking anyone who has sex before marriage (who’s practically everyone) is a slut. You’re way too radical, and that bullet is gonna backfire on you.

      • J.

        I think it was unnecessary to bring islam into this. I’m a practising muslim and I do not share the same view as those ‘islamic terrorists’ that you mentioned above, because that is not what islam truly teaches, and those people use religion as a tool to invade countries. They have a distorted view of the religion, as do most americans. I accept people for who they are and whatever they do isn’t my business, I don’t judge nor do I force my opinions down anybody’s throat.

      • iWizard

        I think it’s you that has a problem. Who brought Muslims into this? NO ONE. Islamophobe.

        And what gives you the qualifications to JUDGE (yes, you used that word a lot) others mental stability, huh? Are you a psychiatrist? No. So before you go and hurt someone’s feelings or make them develop a mental complex, you’d better shut up.

        • hini

          I SAID ISLAM TERRORISTS, NOT “ALL ISLAMS ARE TERRORISTS” you blind fucker. Learn how to read before criticizing it. I took it as an example of how dangerous can be if people get too radical about things. It’d be the same about americans and other religions, not only muslims. Fuck off

  • threelittlebirds

    You’re only gonna get most STDs if you don’t use protection if a person has a STD. It doesnt matter when you have sex. Didn’t these girls learn anything in health class?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I’m literally so confused by their logic and everything. STDs dont happen from unprotected sex alone.

      • OMG


        • in jesus name i pray amen

          tanks boo bear!!! <3

    • GetSomeMorals

      Two virgins who waited until marriage wont get stds because theyve never been with anyone else..

      • laura

        You can get stds from a lot of things. You can get HPV when both partners are virgins, you can get aids from practically everyone you meet, you can even get stds from unclean toilet seats (unlikely but it happens). Learn your biology.

        • YoureAMoron

          If you actually look at virgins who waited until marriage, you would find FAR LESS people who got stds…like you said you more likely get it from a toilet. Also theyre far less divorces with good moral people who waited..so go cry to your mommy and daddy for your hostile issuses sweetie.

          • laura

            You should have changed your name in ‘Iamamoron’. She said virgins can’t have stds, I said they can. And here you are saying the exact same thing as me yet you are attacking me at the same time.
            Those less divorces are only there because divorces aren’t often accepted by the church. Please do your research before replying to me.

          • YoureStillAMoron

            Actually you’re still the moron..
            Do your research and actually read the Bible!
            It’s not the church that keeps the marriage together but its GOD. God is love and without love of course your marriage is going to fall apart.
            I’m done talking to you…you cleary are blind and only see what you want to see.
            Your loss not mine though…

          • laura

            NEWSFLASH: they just prove that the Big Bang did happen. The Bible is clearly irrelevant now.

          • ByeFelicia

            Clearly its not.. kick rocks now

          • iWizard

            As a science student, please don’t talk about science like it’s a fact. The Big Bang is a theory – a theory that is supported by evidence. But a theory can be disproven, just like Newton’s theory that a force of gravity exists. Newsflash – it doesn’t. Still, people think that what’s pulling them down to Earth is called gravity.

            Also, don’t bash other people’s faith. What they choose to believe in has nothing to do with you, so I don’t understand why you find it necessary to tell other’s that their religion is irrelevant. Since you made a scientific error, I think you’re also capable of making errors in judgment.

            So don’t pass judgment when you’re not qualified.

          • iWizard

            And as an amendment – there are theories and then there are facts in science. The Big Bang theory…is a theory. A fact is a proven thing, like GLUT4 transporters aiding in glucose-uptake. It’s been proven.

            Anything related to theoretical physics is, as the name suggests, theoretical. You can’t use it as an argument, as someone is hard at work trying to disprove it as we speak.

          • laura

            No, they just prove the Big Bang did happen. Your science teacher isn’t doing a good job and you are the one who made the scientific error. Don’t you follow the news or read the newspaper?

          • iWizard

            My science teacher who is an award-winning researcher? Hmmm…

            I don’t get my knowledge from the news – I get it from science journals that are actually reviewed. The news usually has many errors.

            And I’ll reiterate – it’s called the Big Bang THEORY. Evidence can SUPPORT it, but it can be DISPROVEN. It is NOT a fact.

            Should I break it down more or do you get it?

          • laura

            This should be easy enough for you to understand:

            I suppose your teacher should be handing in his award then…

          • iWizard

            Dude, did I say that I didn’t believe that the Big Bang occurred? No.

            Did you read the article or did you just pick the first link you found on google?

            They found evidence of gravitational waves that may SUPPORT the expansion of the universe. Do we know if that’s what really happened? WHO KNOWS.

            And just like with Newton’s theory, a theory that worked out so well and that they thought that they had proven, it was DISPROVEN hundred’s of years later.


            that’s my point. Get a science degree and come educate me or stick to your news and act like you get it. Cause clearly, you don’t.


          • nina

            haha, sorry i laugh but i don’t really know if you are serious with giving us a link that does not even have scientific references on it’s articles. Overall, i think what we can all obviously learn is that science can be 99% true but there is always that 1% that can disregard it in a few years. It has happened before our time and it will happen after our time.

          • laura

            I just gave a link to the easiest article there was so she’d understand. There were plenty that had all the information, just look it up.

          • aly

            Omg you’re such an ignorant person. That’s why everyone says it’s not even worth to discuss with a religious fanatic person, because everything that is in the Bible is the UNIVERSAL truth to them and science and nothing else matters. lol poor you. Everyone knows that in the past when people were more religious, couples weren’t allowed to divorce and it’s proven by statistics that at that time there were far more couples who were unhappy than right now. How do you explain woman being beaten by their husbands, being cheated by them while they’d go to whores houses? So no, God was not forcing people to not divorce and be unhappy, THE CLOSE MINDED PEOPLE FROM CHURCH were the ones doing that.

          • Lacey

            Alright, I’ve got a few points to make with you.
            1. You’re breaking the main moral code of your religion which is to leave the judging to God. Good job.

            2. The Bible is full of sexist and misogynistic bullshit against women in general. According to it, women are less than men. Men should be viewed as God-like and women are only here to provide for men. Following the Bible is a pretty wrong thing to do when you think of good morals, in all honesty. Let me guess, you’re into hetero-sexism as well. That’s disgusting. Once again, that’s breaking the rule of loving others as you love yourself.

            You’re probably wondering why I would say things about this “precious, sacred book” if I was a Christian. I don’t believe in God.
            Any God that is a true hypocrite and is so hateful to some types of people and plays favorites is not anyone to believe in. If a baby is not “blessed” with water that was spoken to by priests (that have higher rates of child molestation than the general public), and then the child dies in infancy- according to the Bible, their skulls line the stairway to hell. An innocent baby who cannot make choices for itself is automatically unfit for heaven. If that is what God is all about, I want nothing to do with it.

            In conclusion- YOU are the moron for believing in such a hateful God. It is your loss that you’re missing out on the real world.

          • Anon

            God isn’t hateful…God gave us free will, WE are the ones playing favorites. And the Bible is not supposed to be taken so literally. I know what you said is your opinion, and I respect that, but do not call someone a moron for believing in God. We just have different viewpoints, and it doesn’t mean we are missing out on the real world. And I can guarantee you we aren’t.

        • guest

          ALL CAPS RAGE

          • threelittlebirds

            If a woman has aids and gets pregnant, she passes the virus onto her unborn child. So no, you can’t AIDS just from sex.

          • laura

            Ugh seriously, if you have aids and have a wound and aren’t careful, you can easily give it to another person who perhaps has a wound as well. It only takes a little drop of blood and you have HIV. And you can get stds from unclean toilet seats, it doesn’t happen often, but it is possible. Seriously, you can even get numerous stds from just kissing with someone.

      • Emmy

        You are ignorant. Some people are born with STD! They can contract it from their mother. And you don’t even consider rape victims. You need to get educated.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    “God has created us to have a natural physical desire toward men. When these feelings arise, we thank God for making us ‘normal.’’

    Fuckin bitch just opened up Pandora’s box. Im not lesbian or anything, but like that is the most ignorant fucking thing you could say. Burn in hell you conservative pricks.

    • tbqh

      Pretty sure youre the one going yo hell not them…

    • .

      That’s their view and you should respect it. How come people respect the vice versa view of it but not this one? it’s ignorant. i respect everyone and everyone has the freedom of having an opinion and a view about everything whether you agree with it or not.

      • lalala

        So I (as a gay person) should respect their hatred towards people like me? in the name of “religion”? fuck you and fuck them.

        • Idiots these days..

          I had to share my view of it so here we go, I don’t agree with it but I agree with that other person that said if you don’t like something don’t do it but let other people do what they want. I don’t hate you I just don’t agree with it. But that shouldn’t bother you, why do you care what some stranger thinks of you? I have a lot of gay friends and they’re mature & understanding and know that it’s my right to not agree with it, it’s not hating the person. It’s not even hating, it’s just not thinking that it’s right and since I don’t think it’s right I MYSELF won’t do it but I don’t like it when others bully or call gays names but what I don’t like more is when I’m judged for being religious, so instead of generalizing people I suggest you get educated and understand that there are religious people who won’t stab you or hate you but they just don’t agree with you..

          oh and fuck you too ;)

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Is there a need for 20 children? JFC. I want to see these parents. How the hell do you expect to pay to put them through college? What a beyond idiotic family tbh.

    • laura

      Let’s not forget that it says ’19 kids AND COUNTING’ how much more kids do those people want? :o

      • Ninjya

        “As part of their religion, which is based on the Quiverfull movement of Christianity, Jana, 24, Jill, 22, Jessa, 21, and Jinger Duggar, 20, are expected to one day get married and produce as many children as God deems to bless them with.” Apparently it’s part of their religion lol

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          so i guess college was never really in their plan lol

        • laura

          Oh boy, even more of them to walk on this planet –‘

        • iWizard

          Judging a religion again…

          You know there’s a word for this. Xenophobia, my friend.

          Or are we just scared of the word Homophobia?

    • h

      that’s insulting to me, in my country lots of people including my uncle have 20+ children and they’re all very mature and intelligent & people know to handle these things here, so you’re a beyond idiotic person

    • GetSomeMorals

      Actually the duggars set a great example for their kids and they all have good morals and respect..
      The parents also gave their children wonderful opportunities to go to wonderful colleges so you can put you nasty perverted lips in you back pocket.
      The only idiotic family is yours for raising such an disgusting animal with no respect for others.. Smh.
      If i was you i wouldn’t use Jesus’s name in vain…

      • Godney

        “God has created us to have a natural physical desire toward men. When these feelings arise, we thank God for making us ‘normal.’’

        thinking homosexual is god making them un-normal is “a great example”? how? please explain.

        They have money… so what? thats the only thing they do have

        • truth

          Tbh homosexual arent normal…if it was there would of been a lot more gays before the boom of them in the 21 century..
          Also if it was normal guys would be able to give birth..
          Gays aren’t going o hell, but it is a mental deformity ..

          • laura

            It’s not a mental deformity. It’s in the genes.

          • iWizard

            Actually, research has shown that heterosexual vs. homosexual genetic makeup is similar, but there may be influence from genes. It’s pretty ambiguous.

            But if it is genetic, like most genetic diseases, it is influenced by the environment. The environment usually plays a big role. A person with a cancer gene may not have it expressed in their lifetime or they can have multiple occurrences. It just depends.

          • truth

            You know those hormones and brain functions that make us straight and balanced out?
            Well gays have too much of the hormones and brain funtion of one side..like theyre uneven. Which is why gay guys talk way more girly than girls and lesbians are more manly than girls…just sayin. Its a deformity because theyre uneven.

          • laura

            I know plenty of gays who look and talk more manly than your ‘average’ man. Don’t give me that shit.
            You are gay because it’s in your DNA. I don’t know how to explain all of this in English, since I’ve only been taught this in Dutch. But it has to do with a part in your DNA that has like a little capsule around it and normally that capsule prevents that hormones from the opposite sex make a connection with it. But sometimes, you get the capsule of the opposite sex and thus feel attracted to the same sex. I hope I explained it properly, I probably made mistakes but whatever, I tried my best.

          • Lily

            Lmao, homosexuals aren’t a new phenomena. The reason why there’s been a “boom”, as you say, is because more have come out because the negative social implications are far less than in historic comparison. They were always there, just closeted.

          • lols

            lmfao, it’s not a mental deformity, you’re so ignorant! Go study some biology. Plus, there have ALWAYS been gays in this planet, not just now. The difference is that now people accept it, so gays are coming out more. Rumors say Alexandre the great was gay, so yeah, since then there were already gays. I hope someday you have a gay son/daughter so you can learn to accept homosexuals for who they are. Or maybe who knows, maybe you’ll just throw your child in the trash.

          • Lacey

            It’s definitely been proven to not be a mental disorder. Why are there gay animals? It’s just a sexual nature and I don’t understand why everyone gets their panties in a bunch over two people LOVING EACH OTHER.

            It’s sickening, especially to think they most religious nuts preach that they are all about love.

          • Godney

            Gays have been in history for AGES!,
            educate yourself.
            Before jesus and god and all that crap came, in some cultures for man to feel desire for woman was wrong, because woman were just a BABY MAKER.

            There is no no BOOM of gays sweety.
            Also being homosexual it is not in the mind… it is in the genes.

          • laura

            Amongst the Romans it was even very accepted. Seriously, Romans had the craziest parties ever :p

          • Godney

            Yess!, the romans were concidered to be more “normal” that a man would find desire to another man because of their hard work out bodies (talking about warriors and all that), woman were mainly for babies, not for desire.

          • laura

            Romans knew what’s up haha
            Like, a lot of Romans had like one wife and would then cheat on her with every maid they had and would even go to prostitutes but idk the women were quite chill about it since they cheated on their husbands as well. And they would go to sex parties, which is quite funny as well haha this is why I’m happy I studied Latin for 6 years.

          • Godney

            Yes, my history teacher would tell us that.
            I swear, before god and all that crap the world was pretty open.

          • laura

            It’s because Romans didn’t have boundaries at all (the rich ones at least) :p they had a god for seriously everything and just were incredibly intelligent and thought about life a lot. Nowadays we just believe in everything what is said to us. I wouldn’t want to live during that period though since they did a lot of fucked up shit but idk I feel like we should have a little bit of their mindset or something.

          • TheTruthShallSetYouFree

            “Before God” honey there was no before God, he is the beginning and the end. Go educate yourself with the Bible! If you actually read it, and prayed I se you will understand the truth.
            Just ask God to entercome into your heart, I mean you have nothing to loose right?
            Just try it, like fully seek God and I promise promiseee you, you WILL find him. Give it a shot sweetheart. :)

          • Godney

            Because the Romans, the Greeks, the Indians, the Aztecas AND PRETTY MUCH EVERY CULTURE believed in the same god and believed in jesus.



          • Godney

            I’ll pray god give you some brain dumb bitch.

          • Godney

            PS, the fact you HAD to make two guest to have votes up its quite sad.

    • threelittlebirds

      IM sure they get paid a pretty penny from their show but still…there’s people who can’t have kids at all, and these people have 20. Quite selfish if you ask me

      • BangBang

        Howis it selfish to have kids?

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          to have TWENTY kids… that’s selfish. Because they dont believe in protection tbh

          • BangBang

            But if they have the ability to take care of these children and love them I don’t really see the problem.

    • Lily

      I don’t see anything wrong with having a large family, as long as there is the certainty that the children will live healthy, good lives. I don’t agree with the Duggar girls’ point of view, but they seem to be happy, so good for them.

    • iWizard

      There’s nothing wrong with having many kids, omg. Let them enjoy their lives, it’s none of your business. Did anyone ask you for parenting advice? NO.

      I just love the hypocrites on this site; they talk about how judgmental the people in the post are, but then pass their own judgments.

  • Godney

    ugh… just…ugh

  • Emily

    I mean everything they’re saying makes sense

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I’m going to get a lot of crap for this probably but here goes.
    I don’t believe you have to stay a virgin before marriage if you feel you’re ready go for it, at the same time I am a virgin and don’t plan on losing it until I’m married. You see I said I don’t plan on it, but plans change. ;) Also my Cousin (he was gay) died from aids when I was ten and it took me years to get over it, he was the many reasons why I didn’t engage in sex at an early age.

    I believe a man should be with a woman and a women should be with a man; however I have so many gay people in my life (family, friends) I love them regardless and they love me and oddly enough understand my views too. It honestly doesn’t bother me and never has and never will. I don’t understand this normal stuff these girls are talking about, I’m going to have to pass on that.

    I do believe that porn gives people (not just men watch porn) this illusion of what people should look like and what sex should be.

  • Gary

    Shailene Woodley’s vagina sunbathing plan makes more sense than what these girls are spewing out. STDs are not the punishment of an angry God(s) they are caused by viruses and bacteria that have no value system but looking for any warm body they can incubate and replicate in.

  • Lily

    If they don’t want to have sex, that’s all fine and dandy, but the reality is that no matter what adults say, a lot of teens are going to have sex. So instead of professing abstinence as the only way to prevent STDs and pregnancy, we have to educate teens on how to PROTECT THEMSELVES.

  • Emma Stone

    If people want to go out and have all the sex then let them go out and have all the sex.
    If you want to wait until marriage, then you wait and have all the sex you want with your married whoever it is.
    Hey, if you don’t want to have sex at all in your life then great, you do that.
    People trying to tell others what they should be doing is annoying, let’s stay out everyone’s lives and not preach our own beliefs. Cool.

  • Zaina777

    Who and when you choose to have sex is your business and no one else’s. It’s as simple as that. They don’t know everybody else’s lives so who are they to judge. These girls are really getting on my nerves.

  • Ninjya

    who are these girls???they look like those people who don’t even kiss until marriage lol

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Here we go again…

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    They should try to judge less. There are no better than anyone else tbh.