Shailene ‘Put Vitamin D On My Vagina’

shailene-woodley-toplessShailene Woodley told Into The Gloss: ‘Another thing I like to do is give my vagina a little vitamin D. I was reading an article written by an herbalist I studied about yeast infections and other genital issues.

She said there’s nothing better than vitamin D. If you’re feeling depleted, go in the sun for an hour and see how much energy you get. Or, if you live in a place that has heavy winters, when the sun finally comes out, spread your legs and get some sunshine.’

  • Boo

    So…basically she tans her vagina?

    • Mackintosh

      To be specific she’d be tanning her labia. Kinda can’t tan her vagina without there being an issue of your vag hanging out

  • laura

    Too much information… I am pretty sure your vagina doesn’t need vitamin D at all. A 15 minute walk, wearing clothes, is more than enough for your daily dose.

  • uest

    TMI. I’m getting so tired of her. I’m tired of her acting like she’s better than everyone else, or trying to be so much like a hippie or whatever. I don’t know, it’s just that the more she tries to be a “normal girl” the more I feel like she’s incredibly arrogant.

    • Mine


  • AliciaB

    Can I just say if you actually see the rest of the article, she is discussing what naturally remedys she uses on her body, such as how she uses coconut oil on her teeth or how one of her friends makes a clay tooth paste which is perfect for your digestive system. It’s worth a read. The only reason she said about tanning her vagina is because it is good for yeast infections and so on as she said in the article she has studied in the past.

  • Jared
  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Ok.. well that was interesting.
    I think this pic would have looked better if they tousled curled her hair instead.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Um… so she is essentially tanning her vagina? Where is this article that she speaks of? lol, the only time ive ever tanned my vagina is when I go in those tanning beds, but tanning beds dont give off vitamin D tho… but what goes on.

    • Caitlin Mary

      it’s not tanning, vitamin D is good for yeast infections and a whole butt load of genital issues. So a little vitamin D ever now and then on the va-Jay-Jay is actually quite good. She explained all that in the whole article plus all the other natural things she does :)

  • Emma Stone

    you get that vitamin D