Zayn Malik Follows Selena On Twitter

zayn-lena-3zayn-lena-2zayn-lenaZayn Malik is now following Selena Gomez on Twitter..

To bad he’s getting married they would make a cute couple!

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  • Dhbjnn

    Haha cute couple ? No zayn doesn’t like girl who was or taking drugs

    • stopupvotingyourself

      stop upvoting yourself. we know you’re the same person.

      • Dhbjnn

        No dear stop you are the same person not me and we know you are the same

      • Cvb

        Well look who is talking about the same person eh ?you are who talking about trash about others we know who you are

      • Dhbjnn

        and by the way stop voting to your self too because we know you are the same person who voting up your comments

      • Dhjnn

        haha oh wow you are still voting to yourself? only two people are voting for you and i dont need to voting for me because they are just haters some people are voting and is not me by the way

    • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

      Please. Look at Zayn. He looks like a meth addict.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    They actually would be a cute couple (:

  • Lali

    idk why it is a big deal. Selena do not even has her twitter password

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    He’s soooooo skinny, it’s a bit scary sometimes.

  • anon

    I bet he did it just because Justin followed Little Mix’s twitter recently

  • Kirsten

    What’s the big deal about him following her? Lol he followed miley and Demi a long time ago . But they would be cute together based off their looks but personality wise nah zayn seems more private && she loves the spotlight. Lol

    • Eva


  • Renee

    I prefer zayn with selena they would be cute. #sorrynotsorry