Blanda Called Asshole On Instagram

Jonas bothers, Joe Jonas & Nick Jonas spends quality time at the beach in Kauai, Hawaiiblanda-assholeSHANASTY is RUDE! #BLENDERS. Via @lovanas.

+ photos of Blanda’s boyfriend Joe Jonas shopping yesterday.

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  • Sam

    good. cause she’s an opportunist bitch too.

  • Anon

    Blanda is sweet and classy. She wanted the attention on Joe not herself. She was right not to take pictures with fans she knows she’s not famous


    where are my #blenders at??

  • Pixita

    It’s so nice that he is dating an adult, and one with class at that.

    • anon
      • delle

        She takes a pic with the fans, you hate her. If she doesn’t take a pic with them you hate her.

        Previously she usually took pics with people when it wasn’t an event based on her bf (eg. Walking around town, at a party). She’s a mature adult and you’re a little imbecile who sits behind a computer hating someone. Go out there and donate your body and mind to cancer research or something instead if you’re wasting your existsnce on hating an individual.

        • anon

          Says the one who says the same shit about Olivia. Go away.

          • anon


          • Guest

            So quick to accuse, without getting your facts straight. Read my reply below.

          • delle

            Are you KIDDING me? Are you actually sitting there with technology at your finger-tips and STILL making one of the most idiotic statements that I have ever read on this website?

            Click my profile. Go on. Both of you. You can see every God damn post I have made on not only this website, but also CNN. The only thing I have ever mentioned about Olivia – and that too lightheartedly was “LOL she was banging Nick J shortly after miss universe” or something along those lines. I was laughing at that. Everyone else that commented caught onto that too – there was no dislike.

            YOU are a dolt. Not everyone who calls you out on shit turns around and criticizes others. Some of us STAND up for others. Jesus christ, grow up. People like you make me sick.

  • Grammy Winner Lorde

    Blanda is not famous, why would you ask to take a picture with her? How would you like it if randoms were coming up to you asking to take pictures with you like you’re some circus freak??

    • anon

      That hasn’t stopped her from taking photos already :)

      • Me

        Shut up Kat.

        • anon

          I’m not Kat, dumbass.

    • delle

      I AGREE. No one wants their pic taken with randoms. Like I’m super paranoid about that stuff. Wouldn’t change if my bf was famous, it would probably get worse.

  • RubyWoo

    ” I officially hate you”. That tells me everything I need to know regarding Shanasty’s maturity. Get over yourself no one is required to take a picture with you. Kudos to Blanda for taking the high road and letting the spotlight stay on Joe rather than herself.

    • anon

      LOL you know how stupid you sound right now??? She’s taken plenty of photos with HIS fans in the past.

      • delle

        Anyone who differs with immature, hateful comments sounds stupid to you imbeciles. Anyone who has an intelligent response – seems stupid to stupid people, as it flies right over their heads anyways.

        There can be a variety of reasons Blanda was reluctant to take a picture with fans (or that specific fan). She’s entitled to it. She’s not a bad person for having pics taken with her bf. Her bf has and will probably have candids taken of him when he is single. We’ve seen it before, walking from his car to a restaurant. etc. It’s nothing new.

      • RubyWoo

        Just because she HAS taken photos in the past with fans does NOT mean she’s entitled to take them 24/7. She’s allowed to say no, I don’t know where “fans” get this sense of entitlement where they believe she owes them something. Half of ya’ll bitch when she takes fan pics, now the one time she says no it’s an issue. Get the fuck over yourself!

  • anon

    She is an asshole. Ever since she started dating Joe, she’s doing everything and anything to use him to get her name out there. If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have gotten so many interviews. It’s funny how she says in that comment that she was there to support him and didn’t want to take pictures when that didn’t stop her in the past. At a previous DJ’ing he did, she was seen taking photos. She’s such a liar.

    • RubyWoo

      I’m neither a Joe or Blanda supporter but honestly outside of Oceanup who gives a fuck about her or him for that matter? I just don’t get PR vibes from her maybe if the Jonas Brothers were at their peak like 2008/2009, but nobody really gives two fucks about them any more outside of their obsessive fan base who believes they should stay single forever. *eye roll*

      • delle

        Exactly. These people on here act as if Blanda is featured on CNN daily because she is dating a Jonas Brother. LMFAO.


        • RubyWoo

          Exactly she gets an E! news feature occasionally if that, not exactly gaining her a large following.

          • delle

            Exactly. And they’re acting as if the Jobros have a HUUUUGE following left. I mean, yes, it’s substantial. And I adore them. But they weren’t even mentioned in the opening of the 2013 TCAs.

            If these girls were just in it for the fame, they would have made new connections through these opportunities and bolted.

          • GentileJewel

            Shut Up!

          • delle

            Get back to me when you have an actual point to state. With evidence to back it up. This is the real world.

      • GentileJewel

        Excuse! Me!???? JERK!

  • Michelleg3323

    Joe really is the celebrity. It’s nice to humor the fans too. She should be flattered that someone likes her enough to want a pic.

  • roxanneXD

    Blanda just taking pictures with fans when paparazzis are close. lol

  • HolyGround

    That girl who wrote the comment is obviously the only asshole here.

  • anon

    She doesn’t take pictures? ok

  • anon
  • anon

    she’s a liar.

  • anon
    • lolz

      yes they met in january 2012 and she tweeted that pic in april… she had four months to figure out that joe was famous, is it really that difficult to get??

      • JoeJonasTroops

        FOUR MONTHS TO FUGURE IT OU?! Officially the biggest lie ever, she should call the guiness book of records and say ‘hi, i just told the biggest lie’

        • lolz

          LOL I’m not saying that she literally took 4 months to figure out that joe was famous… just that she met joe way before posting that picture of that magazine…meaning that BY THE TIME she posted it she probably already found out that joe was famous

          • JoeJonasTroops

            What picture? What magazine? I know she deleted the tweet but do u know which one it is? And if blanda is innocent then why did she delete the tweet?

  • anon

    There’s more pics where that came from!

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    She learned well from the terrible Jonas Brothers!

    They left their fans CRYING in the rain after refusing to take a photo.

    • GentileJewel

      Well it makes sense vile demon Taylor! That you would say anything. When there is more hypocrisy packed in every punch and Stupid loser whinny mentality! Don’t talk! Try!

      • delle

        I sincerely hope you realize that he/she isn’t really Taylor Swift………

  • JJ


    • AA

      Shut up you dipshit you don’t blame blanda don’t put ridiculous comments like you know everything

    • GFNGH


  • anon Here’s the shoutout video she did to one HIS fans!

  • anon

    And there’s two other fan pictures people got with her but I can’t find them. So all in all, she’s a liar.

  • anon

    Oh another

  • xoxo

    @nicolemuhrie better known as NICOLE from Florida is a girl who is always
    calling “ugly” “fat” and other horrible adjectives to other girls on twitter.
    She hates Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Danielle Jonas, etc but she hates
    Demi Lovato much more. Nicole is an ass kisser of Joe’s gf (but only when it suits her bc she also mocked Blender and called her ugly and that Joe deserved someone better but of course she deleted her tweets)

    Nicole made all these accounts and even poses as Joe in some of them and as Winston too. But she has a lot of more accounts


    Nicole is a girl full of hate. Even her own family doesn’t care about her because she is rude with them.

    • anon

      Even I don’t like her, but this is fucking low. You can’t fight fire with fire.

      • GentileJewel

        You are contradicting yourself! Dear!

  • Asdf

    That’s what we call class, children.

    • KK

      yes blanda has class to defend to herself or her boyfriend joe jonas she is not fighting like vulgar like low class like others