Demi Lovato Little Mix Snowman Prank

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Why is Demi still Simon’s puppet?

    She’s doing charity work for Little Mix, Fifth Harmony etc.

  • xoxo

    @nicolemuhrie most known as NICOLE from Florida is a girl who is always calling “ugly” and other horrible adjectives to other girls on twitter. She hates Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Danielle Jonas, etc but she hates Demi Lovato much more. Nicole is an ass kisser of Joe’s gf.
    Nicole made all these accounts and even poses as Joe in some of them and as Winston too.


    Nicole is a girl full of hate. Even her own family doesn’t care about her because she is rude with them.

  • LM

    Little mix is actually worthy of touring , they are actually really talented and come across as likeable , unlike fifth harmony

    • A

      when i saw demi i was happy to see 5h but i loved little mix more than 5h
      little mix will go so much father than 5h