Selena Gomez PREGNANT By Bieber?!

selena-gomez-bloated-bra-less (119)
selena-pregnantWas Selena Gomez impregnated with twins by Justin Bieber? NO!

Many Jelena fans thought Selena was pregnant after reading a report and seeing a false sonogram picture of Sel’s babies. According to the false report, Selena recently underwent a number of tests for blood pressure issues when she was experiencing headaches and dizziness after attending SXSW.

She then went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant. Publicists for Gomez and Bieber both denied the pregnancy, insiders confirmed that Selena is indeed pregnant with twins and they are both ‘thrilled’ and can’t wait to have the baby. Thankfully Selena is NOT reproducing with Bieby!

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