Demi ‘Won’t Speak About Selena Rehab’

Demi ‘I snuck into clubs at age 15′.

  • Dara

    I wish she hadn’t shaved the side of her head. She doesn’t have the right face shape for it imo

    I love her pink hair though


      agreed, it’s almost like she is doing a miley to make herself less attractive than she really is

      • Dara


  • Mariah

    Well , why would she? That whole rehab thing with Selena is very weird and unexplained for what she actually went there in, not to mention she was there just for two weeks. If she was so emotionally wrecked by Justin she wouldn’t be with him days before rehab and run back to him a month after, I guess she can’t blame it on him. Drugs? We will never know. America’s Sweetheart PR team knows what they’re doing.

    • lol

      i dont give a shit about selenas ass but its funny how you bieber fans are the only ones who call her americas sweetheart.

  • Overexposed

    They are both nothing without Miley

  • kylie logan

    Where was dallas lovato,if she cared about demi so much. How can she be mad at joe for telling the truth when all she did was watch demi become a train wreck for 4 years. I guess she was too busy enjoy her paycheck.

  • damnthesecelebs

    I’ve been feeling a lesbian vibe from Demi lately

  • kayla

    good for demi, she’s a true best friend to selena rather than bitchy taylor swift. sorry taylor but you’re like Regina from mean girls. I have zero respect for you. try getting your head out of your own ass and realize that you are no better than anyone else…… damn, SUCH a bitch

    • Really

      Pressed immature selenator

  • laura

    Honestly, her face just seems like she knows Selena didn’t go to rehab for exhaustion but she’s not allowed to tell. At least, that’s my impression.