Nick Jonas Las Vegas Luscious + Joe

jonasss (3)Nick Jonas in Las Vegas + Janda on plane flight to Seattle.

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  • boystan


  • anon

    Did Joe shave? He looks really good. Nick looks goo too.

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    I just hope they have good finances. I know he made millions during the run of JB. But still.

    There’s been countless examples of teen/young adult stars that have millions and by the time they’re 50 they have no money. Look at Drake Bell, I’m sure he didn’t make as much as JB but, he made plenty of money and now he’s bankrupt at age 27.

    I know they are in there 20’s and they just wants to enjoy life but all these things are going to add up. I’d rather spend little now and have money to spend later rather than blow it fast…

  • Alllias

    Nick is such a cutie

  • anon

    Joe can’t go anywhere without that leech following him around. Just goes to show that she has no life or works.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    Poor blanda hadn’t had a vacation for an intire 3 days and all of you people are nagging her…

  • Anon

    WOW that girl was really close to hmmmm…