Selena Holds Gracie Teefey + Coachella?

selena-graceymileyyySelena Gomez holding sister Gracie + meeting a fan in a bank parking lot. Her friend Mark Molinari hinted that Selena will attend the Coachella Music festival this year. Bieber talks about his song with Selena under!


  • anonymous

    bravo perfect damage control

  • anon

    So cute! She will make a perfect Hannah Baker in 13RW to be released in 15 years


    Omg Gracie looks just like her dad!

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    i see Gracie has Selena/Mandy’s head,so cute :)

  • GentileJewel

    What a lump of fat! So Cute!

  • thecat61

    Look at those pudgy arms, too cute.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Lol at the fact that Gracie has a category on here

    • anon

      Her mom has the rights for 13RW movie adaptation and Selena is getting too old to play the role then Gracie already has a movie role in her belt

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        Lol Gracie does look more like Hannah than Selena. 13 reasons why is one of my fav books. I never though Selena would be a good Hannah because she looks nothing like how she’s described.

        Selena could play jessica though, I’d be a change to see her as a bitch. She’s always the good girl/victim in everything.

        • javi g

          until she ends ties with hollywood records i think we will never see that becoming a movie.

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            true :( I want her in more movies,I was excited when she said stars dance was her last album for a while,but then it did good and now she wont stop until she flops.

            13 Reasons Why Should be made with out her if she keeps refusing to make time to film it.

          • javi g

            the next album i think is her last contract with HR. but she can still do movies like she did with rudderless thats and indie film and behaving badly. also if she does 13 reasons why maybe she docent need to look young. the character is based on a highschooler right? well why they don’t change it in too a university kid with the same situation. it sounds ridiculous but they could change it.

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            no it wouldnt make sense in college.
            Selenas character isnt even in the present day.
            She plays a girl who committed suicide but she arranged for 13 tapes to be sent the kids in her high school who are responsible who making her commit suicide after she died.The story begins after hannah(aka selenas character is dead) Each of the 13 tapes has a reason why she killed herself.

            so Selena would only be taking from a tape ,like scarlet johanson in ‘her’.

            I dont think shes to old because they do it in hollywood all the time.Katniss in hunger games is 16 and jennifer lawerence is 23 .tris in divergent is 16 and shailene woodley is 22 . the same goes for mortal instruments.

            the only one who was the right age was Kristen Stewart in twilight because Bella was 17 as well.

            If they do recast selena chole moretz would make an amazing hannah

          • Jes

            i feel like for hannah they need to cast a person with good voice since that is what you mainly see with her and selena’s voice doesn’t really fit that in my opinion

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            I agree, have you seen the tapes on YouTube? That girls voice was perfect.

          • Jes

            No. Mind giving me the link?

          • Queen Amanda Bynes
  • javi g

    that little girl is going to be big. her dad brian i have seen the guy with selena and he’s a big dude. good combo tall and blond. she will fit perfectly in california.

  • boystan

    i wanna go to coachella

  • Ridetheocean

    Aww Selena and Gracie so Adorable!!! :)

  • Eva

    She looks like Brian!!! And the cute blonde hair and those pudgy arms… aaaw… Just as chubby as Selena was when she was a baby!! So cute man.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Too cute! Omg, cuuuute!