Human Barbie ‘Don’t Eat Food Or Water’

human-barbiehuman-barbie (2)Human Barbie AKA Valeria Lukyanova, 23, revealed that she is a ‘Breatharian’ and believes she can live off ‘cosmic micro-food’ of just light and air, she never eats or drink.

She is a model with doll-like proportions has 994,000 likes on her Facebook page. Sees being a living Barbie as the ultimate embodiment of perfection. Other unusual statements include that she can time travel and talk to aliens.

She said: ‘In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone.’ The practice is criticised as potentially lethal pseudoscience, and several practitioners have reportedly died of starvation. None have submitted themselves for comprehensive medical testing.

With her pinched waist, skeletal arms, enormous coloured contact lenses, thick make-up and vacant expression, Valeria believes she has become a living, breathing Barbie, something she sees as the ultimate embodiment of perfection.

She has courted international controversy by turning herself into a human doll, confessing she wishes to be considered ‘the most perfect woman on the internet’. Based on the photos on her social media accounts, Valeria is sporting an increasingly thin frame.

She has said that she is a spiritual teacher and can speak with aliens through light, she thinks that has the ability to time travel and has had out-of-body experiences. A VICE filmmaker travelled to Ukraine last summer to meet her. Valeria agreed to a documentary which focused on her spiritual and astral theories, and her views on pre-Earth space.

She revealed she believes she is from another planet, possibly Venus, but she isn’t quite sure, but is adamant she isn’t human. Valeria revealed has visited a psychiatrist about the voices in her head.

While she says she has become the object of hatred within some internet communities, away from YouTube and Tumblr, Valeria works in new age opera, while being supported by her construction-working husband who also acts as her manager.

  • threelittlebirds

    this girl is something else. if she doesn’t eat or drink, she will die.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      She has to be lying. If you didn’t eat or drink water, you would literally DIE. Also, she’d look gaunt unlike her very toned and curvacious self. Anorexic people look gaunt, sulky and boney — this girl doesn’t even look boney, just slim & curvy as fuck. Maybe her diet is like an IV drip — it hydrates you and provides you all the nutrients without having to eat/drink anything.

      • Godney

        actually… i was reading and watching stories from people who choose not to eat anymore, because they think the sun light and air can feed them the nutrients (sorry idk how to write that word and im way too tired to look for it) and they live like that.

        idk if it was fake, but its out there.
        They eat literally nothing…

        • LAChris08

          Humans are not plants. We can’t photosynthesize. While the sun does give us Vitamin D, its about the only way it nourishes us. She, and others like her, will either weaken and give up this silly idea, or die.

          • Godney

            I KNOW!, all im saying is that she is not the only one doing this

  • anon

    How is she not dead yet?

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    But isn’t it like a fact that you will die if you starve for more than two weeks? Also, won’t your body and organs start shutting down if you go more than two days without water? I want to say I read this in my biology textbook… I think she’s lying to be honest. Even anorexic people have to eat something, like a single almond a day/two days and they surely drink water at the very least.

    • LAChris08

      You can’t survive 3 days without water. There have been individual cases of people surviving 8-10 days, but that’s rare, and they were not in good shape. Water is needed for your blood to flow, your brain to think, for every system in your body to function. Food is 3 weeks. Though again, some have made it longer, but the body is pretty much cannibalized itself by that time. Fat is gone, muscle is gone. And once non-essential systems have been cannibalized, it starts on the essential systems..and the heart is just a muscle.

  • laura

    Guys, you really need to check that documentary: it is fucking hilarious!
    Like she dresses up as a man and has some sort of snake twirling around her neck and talks in this weird voice. And she believes she used to be a king in a previous life. Definitely worth your time haha

    • iWizard

      It isn’t right to laugh at someone who is mentally ill.

      • laura

        You clearly didn’t watch the documentary.

        • iWizard

          Nope, I didn’t. Using something called common sense and the power of reading (ie. “She believes she used to be a king in a previous life”), I came to the conclusion that she is mentally ill.

          Also, having a shred of common decency, I think it’s wrong to say “it’s hilarious” and “haha” when referring to said mentally ill being.

          • laura

            Look, I know she isn’t right in the head, that is pretty obvious. But, I am laughing with the documentary, not her as a person.
            I knew about her before that documentary came out and I actually quite liked watching her videos because I thought it was pretty cool that people changed themselves in dolls (we saw it during class) but that documentary really is some fucked up shit. So yes, that documentary is hilarious and I’m really not ashamed to say so.

          • iWizard

            Alright. I just wanted to make a point of respecting those who are mentally ill. They have a bad reputation for something they can’t help. I hope that changes soon, though.

          • laura

            I never make fun of the mentally ill, trust me. But this is just idk how to describe it but that documentary fucks with your mind. It was quite interesting though, I still think it’s worth watching.
            People like her should be protected from themselves (or however you say that in English).

          • iWizard

            I wasn’t accusing you of making fun of the mentally ill, rather that a lot of people do and need to be aware that they aren’t there for their entertainment.

            No, that’s right. She should be admitted into a mental institution to get help, because this will most certainly kill her and harm others. She has media coverage, which means more and more people will get it in their minds to try this.

          • laura

            That indeed is true.
            I really hope she does eat instead of her just breathing air because that’d be pretty fucked up if she died because of that. She really needs to seek help but I don’t think she thinks she has a problem. She is pretty convinced of the fact that she’s perfectly fine and that she is an alien and whatnot.

        • Marina And My Diamonds
          • laura

            I freaking love him..

  • Guest

    and this is “perfection”? Lmfao! ….She is a terrible example for young girls …girls: love yourselves and don’t listen to this sh*t

  • jj

    And this is “perfection”? Lmfao! ….She is a terrible example for young girls …girls: love yourselves and don’t listen to this sh*t

  • HolyGround

    Lol she might as well be telling girls to die.

  • damnthesecelebs

    Her physical features scares me. I’d probably scream if I see her walking on the street.

  • Alii

    She might actually be an alien.

  • thecat61

    This is totally fucked up.

  • Hollyhysteria

    Her face scares me, like it is something that is frozen and then her head just turns and stares at you… like from a horror movie.

  • Jared

    First off, she’s lying. She is human and a living thing, and no matter what, the laws of physics do not allow her do be alive if she doesn’t nourish herself or drink any water. She probably eats very little, like celery or carrot sticks or something of the sort, and just sums it up for the attention that she doesn’t, because she’d get more press to say she never eats, and all this seems like is a publicity stunt. It would be impossible if she didn’t, and she would look sickly, or would be dead. And the cinch in her waist is so apparent that it’s been corseted, so her being thin isn’t about her not eating… it’s about body manipulation, not being an other worldly being. And from saying all the things about aliens and time travel… it’s obviously apparent that she’s not all there and that anything she says as “fact” like her not eating should be taken with a grain of salt. Secondly, this is disturbing. Looking like Barbie is not glamorous or beautiful- it’s alarming. She looks ridiculous. And again, on top of her talk of aliens, not eating, and time traveling, she seriously needs to talk to someone and get some sort of psychotherapy, because she clearly has issues. Lastly, with the amount of make-up, hair products, and effort it takes to go to this extreme, it’s pretty obvious that this girl is just another rich girl who doesn’t have anything else but money to spend to fulfill her need for attention and happiness. Another Kardashian who has too much money and time on their hands to garner the attention and love they didn’t receive as a child, so she’s desperately trying to make up for it now with outlandish statements and over-the-top appearances. It’s more sad than anything, because she’ll never be happy or be satisfied. She needs faith or guidance something to make her feel worth something. As I said before… she’s just a lost little rich girl who needs help. And someone should give it to her. Quickly.

    • iWizard

      The laws of physics? I think you mean biology, my friend.

      I agree with everything else, though ^^

      • Jared

        No… I meant laws of physics. I mean the phrase in the way of it being evident to the naked eye that there would be obvious physical changes to her if she was telling the truth. If she as just surviving on air and light, her stomach would be bloated from kwashiorkor and she’d be much more tan, and if she basked in the light as much as she claimed, she’d have a higher chance of skin cancer because of her fair skin… and due to the laws of physics of the characteristics of those, she cannot be or do what she claims, and because of that, she wouldn’t be alive or would be very close to sickness and death. Biology is a given, but I was using a simpler form of the phrase to make a point. I apologize for the confusion.

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          I like your Rabbit Gif. :)

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    If Barbie was a bit more bigger, say 5’4” 150 lbs I bet she wouldn’t try to look like her then.

    • iWizard

      Mehh, I think whatever society values, people do too. If society valued healthy people, everyone else would too.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Hm we are society and I don’t value this look.

        Black sheep over here :)

  • Ninjya

    oh wow she’s so out of touch with reality

  • iWizard

    Just from reading her wiki page, she’s married, has a degree in architecture and exercised and had a healthy diet, which is why she looks like this.

    Her body isn’t from this new breatharian belief, rather from proper diet and exercise.

    She’s most likely mentally ill and is going through a bad episode. No way would an educated woman consider this mad pseudoscience without a few loose screws.

  • Blair Waldorf

    It genuinely breaks my heart that this is the kind of imagery we’re sending to our succeeding generation! It breaks my heart that such a superficial, narcissistic, selfish mindset exists. What is her message behind this? What are her plans and aspirations? Almost a million likes on facebook, and this is what she decides to do with it – advertise eating disorders! – as if we don’t have enough trolls already. She truly does embody perfection, because perfection is fake and nonexistent, and if she doesn’t eat nor drink as she claims, she’ll surely cease to exist within the next couple of days. I hope she receives the help she severely needs.

    The real question is: what have we come to? Why are people like her even relevant!? We’re all feeding the troll.

    • Emily

      I totally agree with you, this is… sick

  • ty

    this girl is crazy she got obsecion to be like a barbie?she got serious mentaly problems

  • gngn

    well she needs a man to look like a ken i think some man are gona do that to be a doll like ken

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I actually like her videos haha

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Im pretty sure she said this for attention tbh

  • Ro.

    wow she scares me a little bit tbh, her body tho but her face looks so fake omg

    • Ty

      Is fake because she got so many surgerys face and body

      • Ro.

        i know is pretty obvious.

  • Fcgvh

    She has to drink and eat something is obvious that human can not resist that with no food and drink when your body needs it

  • Anna

    i thought Barbie Doll Was perfect but seeing Barbie Girl in reality isn’t that perfect i guess :D

  • oml

    this girl needs jesus! her face scares the sh*t out of me.

  • BangBang

    This woman needs help ASAP!