Miley & Angelo Evans ‘We Sooooo Kiewt’


  • TrueSmiler

    Wait, two pics and no tongue?

    What happens?

    She is very pretty here.

  • Hehe

    noo uu not

  • thecat61

    Oh yeah, Miley gettin some!

  • Bad

    No guy with a brain would seriously wanna be together with her since shes acting like….yall know…
    Just using her for getting some press tbh

    • Boo

      Or maybe not all guys are judgmental assholes and don’t judge her based on what they see in the media.

      • Bad

        WHO would take such a person that shows off her WHOLE body to the world & acts like a slut?? Honestly which smart person would do that??!

        • thecat61

          Why don’t you ask Kullen Lutz about that?

          And by showing off her whole body, do you mean in photoshoot’s?

  • uest

    Who’s Angelo Evans?

  • Miam

    Liam and miley reunion is in the works!

  • cerenagee

    she looks so cute

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    This is cute.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • thecat61

    Love her smile!