Lorde ‘My Pop Princess Status Is Real’

lorde-pop-princess (12)lorde-pop-princess (4)lorde-pop-princess (1)+ fans outside Lorde’s Kansas City concert ready for Westboro Baptist Church!

UPDATE: The founder of WBC, Fred Phelps, died last week and it was not a surprise that so many people used the opportunity to dance on his grave. Fortunately there were some radiant souls who spread the genuine message of God. Love. This is one of the most stunning and gracious gestures I have ever seen.

The counter protesters at a recent Lorde concert have won a victory for humanity and are a living testament to the adage that “those who seem least deserving of love are probably the ones who need it most

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    She is cute

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    there’s nothing i love more than my favs supporting the lgbt community

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    taysus needa step of her game and steal the gays from all these pop stars

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    She’s so cutee

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    of course you are bby