Selena Gomez Jared Leto Dinner Party

selena-gomez-jared-leto-dinner-party (2)Selena Gomez spent last night with friends at dinner at Jared Leto’s house in Los Angeles. Because Selena is so popular and famous, many people at the party took pictures with them and posted them all over Instagram!

  • anon

    She partied everyday this week.
    Girl is finally living the life!

  • Dara

    She looks so young in this picture despite the fact that this was taken yesterday

  • uest

    She reminds me of Minnie Mouse in this picture

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Her head is huge – she look so cute.

  • Guest

    guess it’s a good thing she’s not sitting around waiting for justin… seeing as tho he had chantel (the girl he was arrested with in miami) and her friend in the studio w/ him and khalil.

  • Guest

    wonder if selena knows justin is in toronto hanging out with chantel… not that it really matters since she’ll probably run right back to him once she leaves.

    • javi g

      i can’t wait for the mug shots. lol

  • Zaina777

    Selena is gorgeous if she and Jared hook up or get together that would be a major upgrade from Justin.

    • Gladys

      But Jared is 42 years old…

    • Hmmm

      It would be nice to see selena date an older guy, but Jared is just a bit too old for her

      • 3434

        haha i dont think a older guy dates selena because older guy are mature they dont like immature girls by the way

  • anonymous

    she’ll just have to learn the hard way. this is what greed gets

  • thecat61

    You go bitch, live it up girl.