Camila Cabello ‘I Farted Near My Crush’

camila-cabello (4)Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello revealed to BOP! ‘When I was in fourth grade, I farted in front of my crush! It was AWFUL! Let me tell you what happened. My crush and I were watching a movie together and he was sitting right next to me. I was SO excited that he was sitting so close to me,

But my friend who also life him was there. Then, out of nowhere, I farted.. right next to him. I panicked and blamed it on the chair I was sitting on, saying, ‘Oh that was the chair!’ My friend who also liked my crush totally called me out:

‘No it wasn’t! You farted!’ It was really embarrassing. After that happened, I felt so self-conscious that I though I had to get over him. But now that I look back at it, it really wasn’t that big of a deal!

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  • de

    I’m getting increasingly annoyed at the fact that she gets posted about as if she’s solo. OU, the LEAST you could do is say ‘pictured with bandmate Lauren Jauregui’ or SOMETHING. I love her to death, but the others are of equal importance. Thanks(:

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    tbh honest lauren sticks our more than camila to me,I wonder why shes not talked about more

    • ass

      right?!?! she’s stunning.

    • camilasunshine

      Camila is talked about more because of her unique voice, her personality, All the famous boys that have a crush on her, Austin mahone, Micheal Clifford etc.. also the 1D connection from before.

    • LOL

      Camila has always been the most favorited, ever since the group started. She has that “it” factor, to most people she shines amongst the other girls. Demi even said it on the X Factor.

  • camilasunshine


  • guest142

    I like when she wears her hair in a ponytail, she’s so cute. And she has such a nice body, small waist, flat stomach but big booty.

  • anon

    i honestly don’t get the big deal about camilla? Her voice is probably the worst out of the five.

  • yep

    shes the harry of fifth harmony

  • Some Dude

    Cool story bro

  • BrokenArrow18

    they all annoy me-except Ally- for some reason.

  • Ninjya

    guys now I wanna hear your fart storiessss

  • tbh

    She’s latina thats why shes the best!
    She reminds me of shakira.

    • LOL

      you do realize that Lauren & Ally are also latina..

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Still don’t like her.

  • Sarah

    Fifth harmony is basically Camila;
    -the one with the nice eyes
    -the one who can SANG
    -the black one (I’m black so it’s not racist)
    -the religious one
    And more Camila lol

  • Sarah

    I don’t know for some reason I like her and I love her voice. She’s sweet

  • Ella

    I don’t know, I really like Camila Cabello and her music. But now I don’t know, farts are gross, and it really grosses me out that a girl would admit to farting. -_-