Justin Bieber Forgive Tattoo On Plane

justin-bieber-forgive-airplane-tattoo (5)justin-bieber-forgive-airplane-tattoo (7)Justin Bieber got a tattoo by Bang Bang Tattoo artist on a flight from Panama to Canada on January 28 hoping to make Guinness World Record for ‘highest altitude tattoo’. Lil Baby also tatted his father Jeremy.


  • sjfkljfd

    lol when dis nigga gon stop treating his skin like a 10 year olds sketch book

    • Mariah

      Lol bitch when will you stop changing 12 usernames and posting dumb shit on Bieber posts ? Get a life

      • Zaina777

        I love how nobody else ever likes your comments except for the same people. Says a lot about you Beliebers.

        • Angie.

          It’s more funnier how you’re ALWAYS talking shit about him, even when he did nothing wrong. Just when someone touches your dear Selenita or disagrees with you you go psycho on them. Says a lot about you, grow up.

          • Zaina777

            Clearly you’re blind because I don’t always talk shit about him. There are times where I defend him. They only one who should grow up here is you. What are you his bodyguard. Stop defending this whiny, little self-absorbed brat.

          • Angie.

            Bitch please don’t victimize yourself, you do always talk shit about him. I will defend who I want, whiny self absorbed brat ? Stop talking about yourself. You know nothing about him and just judge him based on the most stupid thing act like you know his actual personality and jump on everything he does bad or good to criticize. As soon as someone disagrees on shit YOU start first or even offends your overrated Disney idol you go nuts. Honey, you are the one who needs to grow up and get a reality check not everyone will agree with yor idiotic opinion. Get a grip.

          • Zaina777

            No. First off I don’t care about Selena. I am not a Selenator nor will I ever be. Just because I don’t like this kid who is the exact same age as me by the way, doesn’t mean I favor anybody else over him.

            Justin Bieber isn’t anything special. He never really was. Do you know why he is the way he is. It’s because nobody let the kid be a kid when he was 15/16. I mean they were comparing him to the likes of Michael Jackson when in reality he was the exact same kind of singer as Jesse Mccartney or Aaron Carter.

            Justin is only famous because of little girls who think he’s cute. Those Beliebers won’t ever think he does anything wrong.

            Justin’s not the first young teenage star to be famous overnight and he’s certainly not the last. He’s no longer a kid who can do stupid stuff. He’s a grown man. The whole depositon doucheiness could have been avoided and maybe even brought him back up to being normal again if he just acted polite and calm.

            Justin doesn’t have to be a bad boy he wants to be. I get that he was bullied for looking a little more feminine than other guys his age but this doesn’t help.

            He’s a douche because people made him bigger than he actually was. Even his voice is mediocre at best. The led him to be cocky as fuck

            The whole he’s young excuse doesn’t work.

            He and Harry Styles are the exact same age and you can see the difference in the maturity levels of those two young men. I mean Harry doesn’t look very manly but does he say that he bangs bitches or work out like crazy? No, because he is happy with his life.

            At twenty years old Justin shouldn’t be acting like this. He should have been more careful with his money and friends.

            Even the Selena thing. I mean when you’re young you date around and if it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be.

            Like, with her too. Why do you have to date the same guy or girl over again. That’s not love it’s possible that it’s an infatuation with that person.

            I’ve also never seen him dress like a regular person once. He dresses like a rich, thug. Also, before all his friends looked just like him now he has older and friends who either rap or are into drugs. The only friend we still tend to see with him is Ryan Butler.

            I only defend him when he needs to be defended and I do. He’s nothing but a spoiled brat who thinks that he is above all and can do what he wants whenever the fuck he wants.

            The only bitch here is you and you are also clearly still being brainwashed by him.
            The only one who needs to get a grip is you . You clearly need to get ahold of reality.

          • Angie.

            Lmao, you’re so obsessed and your shitty rants are full of biased opinions since YOU are brainwashed by the media. First of all, you obviously never saw how thugs dress you dumb bitch. Racist stereo types are the worst. He simply mixes different style’s and that’s it. Look at Lil Wayne, that’s how thugs dress.
            Again. YOU DON’T KNOW HIM AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DO! You think you know him by reading things about him and judge his personality by his clothes? YOU are fucking dumb and need a reality check. I am not brainwashed by him I simply have some more common sense and I am not close minded like your hateful ignorant ass. He knows he messed up, he ain’t that dumb, let it go bitch, move the fuck alone. He seems he got his shit together since arrest but you move on talking shit, will you bring it up in 10 years? Is that how obsessed you are with trashing him? Get a fucking life already and stop going psycho on everyone who disgarees with you and sending them rants full of bullshit. You’re are so fucking judgemental towards him and analyze everything he does to maximum, but when it comes to Selenita it’s a different story deny it all you want. Done with your hypocrite ass.

          • Zaina777

            Nope, I see him for the moron that he is.

  • Anon

    Gross.If his pants were pulled down a little lower you would see his herpes sores and genital warts.

    • Eva


    • Guest

      There’s still morons like you? Oh so you’ve been down there on Biebs and know it all and seen it or what? Lol kid, grow up.

      • Guest

        Its funny seeing a Bieber fan tell someone to grow up lol

    • Anna

      You should get educated a little bit more. I’ll try to help you out a bit….selena is most likely clean. And as for the strippers/prostitutes, he was just rumored to hook up with them. We never heard his side, but let’s pretend it’s true. The stripping/prostitute business is actually a pretty clean business *surprise*. They have to be frequently tested for STDs and make sure they are clean, as well as wear condoms. Now if you’ve watched porn and saw them not wearing condoms, if it’s a legitimate porn company, there’s a 99% chance both parties are clean seeing as they have to get check ups regularly. Also, to your surprise, many strippers and porn stars and whatever are actually pretty good people- many just trying to get by life. Now, I know they have a bad stereotype going on and that street hookers are most likely dirty, but justin did not get any of these girls off the street. Just because your vag may be nasty and diseased does not mean that’s how most girls are. Justin wouldn’t be the first celebrity to have strippers and prostitues. It’s actually quite common because they’re basically paying these people to leave them alone…unlike what hooking up with fans would be like

      • Guest

        You should get educated a little bit more.He was pictured leaving a Brazilian whore house,he has been pictured leaving clubs with groupies,he has been pictured sucking on stripper body part.I guess in your dumb ass mind he was in the whore house playing cards.

        The stripping/prostitute business is not a clean business you dumb ass.Anything goes in Brazilian whore houses and strip clubs and whores often let guys go raw if they pay extra.You have got to be one of the dumbest people on the planet thinking whores who sleep with strangers for money are clean and safe.Even the whores who use condoms aren’t protected from herpes, genital warts and condom failures you dumb fuck.

        BTW,are you a prostitute or stripper?

        • Anna

          I’m not even going to give you the comment you want because you obviously do not know what you are talking about so…well leave it at that.

          • Guest

            I understand …you have to get back to your next trick

          • Anna

            I mean….yeah…you know…1000/hr for this ;)

  • RubyWoo

    He is just not attractive. And those tattoos are NAGL.I don’t get the hype about him. Bieber you make way too much for your tattoos to be looking so amature.

    • LOL

      in my opinion, he was 100000 times more attractive back in the day when he was with selena..around 2011-12? idk. but he ruined his looks with all these ugly ass tats, clothes & hair. not to mention his partying ways has caught up with him – his skin looks a mess.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        Yes he was hot then , but hasnt changed much look wise tbh. As for his acne he’s young he would have had it whether he was on drugs or not.

      • Anna

        Looks like you’re the one on drugs bc his skins not that bad. From the very little acne he has it’s most likely from age with a mix from all the junk food he eats and some stress

        • threelittlebirds

          Junk food doesnt cause acne, thats just a myth.

          • Anna

            No, it’s not a myth. It’s still unknown and research is still being done. Also, there are foods that have been scientifically proven to help your skin, like kale, but I doubt justin eats much of that.

    • Guest

      He’s actually very attractive, it’s just he wears bad clothes now that’s it. And hides his face with hats and glasses, but he’s an attractive young man is is just a bad photo, we all have one.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Old news, he’s had this tattoo for at least a month now.

  • JUG

    I’m curious: is Justin “David Archuleta religious” or “Jonas Brothers religious”? That’s a pretty big cross to have on the center of his chest if he’s not that religious. At least he’s not Buddhist. Not sure a big Buddha would work as well on his chest.

    • Anna

      He’s not that religious, but neither are 90% of the people who say they are

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      He talks about God and Jesuys all the time, he’s actually one of few celebrities who thanks God whenever he wins anything even now. That being said he labels himself as a Christian , but I think he’s more spiritual than religious

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Honestly to me he doesn’t look bad at all. Those of you who say his face has changed from drugs obviously have never seen effects of meth or crack on people. He just needs to clothes that fit.

    • Anna

      Agreed. I think he looks really good here so was surprised by most of the comments here. Can’t wait until he gets past this stage and wears clothes that fit

      • Guest

        These idiots on here all hate him and say nasty stuff about him no matter what. He’s always had a beautiful face and he has a good bod now, it’s just he’s hiding his looks with his bad clothes now and ugly hats and sunglasses all the time. In normal clothes he’s a bae. Even e tattoo’s look decent.

        • Anna

          I agree :)

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        I know , his face barely changed. And I was surprised to lol

  • Some Dude

    His flatness make them look photoshopped

  • .


  • K

    They probably had the idea for that stupid record while they were pretty high themselves…

  • Eva

    I seriously can’t see what Selena sees in him…

    • captainamerica

      I seriously can’t see what you see in Selena so you stick up for her like she’s your sister? You know nothing about her and you just are sucking in her sweetheart fake image, at least Selena knows the real Justin. Stop licking her ass, she’s just a cute girl with a good image. Her talent is almost non existing.

  • ayy lmao

    he had a boner while getting the tattoo

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Lol ;)

  • Zaina777

    Justin isn’t hot he’s below average. This kid is really nothing special nor will he ever be.

    • Guest

      Selena is the one below average. Bitch please at least Biebs got some talent. And get off his nuts already. Always talking shit, fuck off .

      • Zaina777

        I don’t always talk shit about him and I don’t always praise Selena. I just see the reality of what this kid really is. Also, you always defend him so doesn’t that sort of make you a hypocrite?

        • Guest

          Sorry you’re wrong again. I never defend him when he does dumb shit, he’ll learn leave him alone. He has his douche moments get over it. At least he’s not faking saint image anymore. You see your own biased reality of him, it doesn’t make it actual reality on him. I onluy defend him in cases when people unfairly hate on him randomly for no reason and I defend everyone in those cases.

          • Zaina777

            Selena doesn’t even act like a saint. She went to rehab and got over her shit. Justin is always acting like a douche.
            Selena never even called herself a saint. You did so you have yourselves to blame for all of this Saint Selena nonsense.

  • BangBang

    The cross tattoo looks like it’s a sticker