Liam Payne Rubs Harry Styles’ Back

liam-harry-rub-2liam-fatOne Direction shoot a music video on Clevedon pier.

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  • uest

    And? Music video aside; how is rubbing someone’s back news?

  • FuckHarry

    Why are they all matching? Lmao it’s cute though (:

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    get that ass liam bb — if I didnt know any better, id think harry is a groupie, first Louis and now Liam.

  • boystan

    oh my god liam

  • boystan

    who cares if liam gained weight he’s still gorgeous

  • boystan

    love you daddy

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Some people have a weird thought process of what fat is.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    ‘LIAM PAYNE RUBS HARRY STYLES’ BACK’ they must be having sex