taylor-swift-nude-picture-9Naked Taylor Momsen revealed her vagina for Going To Hell promo shoot. NSFW nude picture of Taylor Momsen under the cut! Taylor told BANG Showbiz: ‘It’s not something I’m pursuing. It would have to depend on a lot of factors [but] I don’t rule anything out until it hits me in the face.

It would depend on the shoot and if there was a purpose for it. I’ve done FHM and Maxim. FHM was based on the ‘My Medicine’ video and the Maxim shoot was a take on the rock and roll lifestyle of New York City. Everything has to have a story behind it, not just, ‘Taylor getting naked again’.

It’s beautiful, iconic and artistic photograph. I think people took the nudity to kind of an extreme, my point of nudity was to make it simple and striking, with the arrow, which is the symbol for ‘Going To Hell’. The shot is so quick, it’s not the point of the video.. you have to look past me to what is being played on the television [next to me].

I think the comparison [between me and Miley] is so silly, because what we do is so different. I wasn’t aiming to shock, I was aiming to create a beautiful image. I think every artist is different and whatever works for you works for you.. it’s clearly working for her.’

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