Ariana They Don’t Understand Listen!

Preview of Ariana Grande’s new song ‘They Don’t Understand’.

  • ok

    This is only a snippet of a song and I think that I’m already quite disappointed of what the outcome of the album will be. Yours Truly was nothing like I was hoping it would be. I absolutely loved all of her old songs. Boyfriend Material, PYHU, Pink Champagne. Yours Truly was basically all just ballads and I’m sorry, but I can’t listen to an album of ballads and whistle tones continuously on repeat. I listened to it for a few days and then forgot about it. I think that if she still wants to remain relevant and not be deemed a Mariah Carey carbon copy, she needs to mix up her style a little bit. I don’t understand why she changed so much, and she refuses to acknowledge who she was before and what projects she did before. I remember her saying that she doesn’t even want to talk about PYHU anymore and I just find that really sad. I know that people are saying that who she was before isn’t really her but I have a hard time believing that. I think that who she was before is who she really is and that the media and her producers and such convinced her to change because a red headed, poodle dress wearing, red velvet cupcake eating, girl from Boca wouldn’t sell in the industry. It’s a shame though because she becomes more and more of a robot which each month.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      the red hair wasnt arina though,that was cat and she hated it.

      pyhu was a single she didnt want out but felt like she owed us something.

      i think yours truly was flawless,but i would like her to use her full voice.It felt like she held back in some songs and didnt go 100 percent broad way.

      i hope this record isnt rushed

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    please dont rush this album queen