Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Underwear

justin-bieber-calvin-klein-underwear (2)justinbieber What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign ♛

Done with tats 4 a while.. Where I wanna be..

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  • Zaina777

    The cross ruins his look. I think he would have more attractive if he didn’t get it at all.

  • Gladys

    I think he would be a good spokesman for the brand, since his underwear is always on display lol

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  • Marina And My Diamonds

    It’s still hot but this tattoo is ruining it.

  • Guest

    what if… you go away?

    • Guest

      What if not. If you can’t stand him just ignore him. It’s pretty easy, you don’t have to click on everything about him. I hate Nicki Minaj and I never read about her idgaf. But since you cannot ignore him and resist commenting bullshit obviously you like him or something :P

      • Guest

        what if… you shut the fuck up and mind your fucking business bitch? :p

  • anon

    Chantel getting ready at Justin closet

    Proof(spot the jacket):


    • Guest

      You’re fucking obsessed and stalk his side chicks? Get a fucking life .

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        <3 you

    • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • For real.

    I think he is very attractive here, and I don’t even mind the tattoos. The cross is actually good, position might be in your face but that’s the point.
    If he only took more pictures like this and with normal clothes for a change people would notice his looks. It’s like he wants to look bad with baggy clothes and hats and sunglasses :O?

  • ..

    He will never pose only in his underwear. It’s not the same teasing than actually showing his misery.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      id die if he did that,it’d be hot

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    sex god