Liam Payne SMOKING To Lose Weight?

liam-payne-smokingliam-smokingLiam Payne spotted smoking a cigarette on Monday while filming on Clevedon Pier in Somerset. Fans have said Liam is ‘too beautiful to die.’ ‘You broke my heart.. @ Real_Liam_Payne why? Why are you smoking? Stop please.’ ‘nnoooooo liam please stop smoking.. :( its so not good for you..’

‘plz stop u know its bad for your health i really dont want you to die early.’ Some fans decided he must be smoking to lose weight after trolls labelled him fat last week: ‘Dearest @ Real_Liam_Payne I’am fat too, but it doesn’t mean I need to smoke to lose weight more.. so please stop smoking.. please??’

‘please stop smoking. We love you Liam. You’re not fat xx’.’ ‘He’s not smoking liam wouldn’t do that! He’s not that type of person! It’s photoshopped!’ Niall previously posted a photo of Liam holding a cigarette recently.

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    • Jen


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Or maybe he just likes to smoke.

  • captainamerica

    Lmao but if this was Bieber caught entire world would go nuts we would see TMZ making 30 articles about it and world wold literally call him a devil and bad role model lol. But hey it’s not Bieber, so who cares then? Smh this generation is fucked up

  • z

    What the hell…. HE DOESN”T NEED TO LOSE WIEGHT! HE LOOKS SO GOOD… maybe he just likes to smoke.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    tbh he did gain weight,but he smoked before that most likely