selena-secretselena-kylie+ Selena at SanSai Japanese restaurant in Burbank yesterday.

  • Boo

    She’s so thirsty, I bet it’s a sex tape.

    • javi g

      a few years ago it was the celebs exes who sold the tapes. like that ex of paris hilton who sold it with out any days they have twitter or facbook. but i don’t think its a sex tape. i wish it was but is not.

  • Gladys

    Guess it was why she was in London. Looking at this scenario either music video or musical

    • ?

      apearently she was off seeing her secret bf, from what I’ve heard

      • Really??

        Lma0!!! You believe that stupid blog? I’m sorry but that’s so dumb. You’re better off believing star magazine or hollywoodlife, @ least they get things right sometimes. That blog is run by a pressed hater, who devotes way too much time to somebody they can’t stand

      • Gladys

        lol gullible as fuck

  • getlikemiley


    • fin

      hopefully she just goes away

      • getlikemiley

        yeah HOPEFULLY

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    No booty but it’s a cute pic.

  • Kirsten

    Selena’s cute but not sexy . It seems like she’s tries hard to be sexy.


    omg! wannabe be miley cyrus. I remember selena fans trashing miley for this type of outfit and here is selena copying miley. what the goody too act felt and didn’t work out for you, you are copying miley route.

    • threelittlebirds

      oh my god, let it go.

    • Eva

      That was over 4 years ago!! For a 21 year old, this getup is perfectly fine especially if she is performing or something.

  • trying

    why is selena showing her panties? under that short short? and showing her ass?

  • Ridetheocean

    I don’t believe that blog at all don’t get me wrong,but the day they revealed the boyfriend thing Selena then chose to register a song called ‘Brand New Boyfriend’ then today ….secret project and they said secret boyfriend,so either it is a coincidence or it is right? mmm interesting

    • anon

      Selena barely goes to UK. If she has a secret bf it would be in the US. That is prob just another of her creepy male fans

      • Ridetheocean

        That’s harsh to say when you don’t know and FYI she actually goes to UK quite a bit and she doesn’t have to go there to be in contact with the guy.smh.

        • anon

          She goes there the most 2 times a year. If it was a person that she would see for 3 days by year it would not be a boyfriend, but a hookup.

          This man also was pretty sure he was dating her, do you believe him too?

          • Ridetheocean

            That’s a completely different situation that guy was old and crazy (A stalker) who she got a restraining order against,this guy is young and sweet and seems lke someone she would go for(no restraining order there),so don’t assume you know when you don’t,insulting the guy is pretty unfair,it

            maybe true for all you know,smh.

          • anon

            unless proof is provided as a pic or witness, anything it makes no sense at all. young people also go nuts. Anyway a man who see a girl 2x by year and believe she is his girlfriend is a minimum delusional.

          • Ridetheocean

            Don’t be ignorant there is a thing called a long distance relationship,you know,and this is the modern age,we have skype and stuff,there is proof read it.

          • anon

            I read and saw no real proof.

          • Ridetheocean

            and whether it is true or not is irrelevant,what gives you the right to insult the guy,do you know him? probably not.

          • anon

            long distance rs lol ok wtv float your boat.

            and for your info selena was never into sweet guys, she always said she likes confidence and all her bf and crushes are egocentric: Nick, Davide Henrie, Justin, Shia…

          • Ridetheocean

            we will see,I’m just saying you were out of order to hate on the guy,he is not famous

  • anon

    Joe and Bland also was at W Hotel

  • js
    • Nya

      Maybe thats why they were together…

  • dfdf

    so that doesnt mean anything if nick is there

    • lol

      Keep yours pants on! Nick was there with his girlfriend.

  • 3434

    does selena has something to do than leave nick alone

  • For real.

    Obviously not so secret since you posted about it on instagram dumbass -.-.
    It will flop like all her shit , that’s what happens when you’re just a pretty face with no talent and a famous ex boyfriend. He might be a douche lately but he can buy her and deport her back to Mexico. And she is longer in the business then him, face palm. Must be killing her self esteem all her friends are more talented and successful then her :/.
    And please Selena, stop sticking out the ass you don’t have!

    When will someone with actual talent replace this Disney failure?

  • sarah

    Because her movies are doing poorly, this girl is trying just ANYTHING to stay relevant. Bieber, Kardashians, going back to music after she said she wasn’t going to, etc. Sad.

  • anon
  • location found, not london
  • BrokenArrow18

    hope it isn’t another movie project cause somehow all her movies flop no matter how much of a promo she does.

  • anon


  • kurty

    what happen to staying classy selena at least miley didn’t preach about dressing classy you did and now you are dressing like miley, eating you own words ah selena like I say don’t talk if you are going to imitate the person you are always critizing, you just end up looking like a hypocrite selena.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    girls gotta eat

  • Joeanne

    Lol SKINNY FAT. Look at the cellulite.