• Angelique

    I just realized that the lead actor, Ansel, who plays Augustus is Caleb in Divergent, who is the brother of Shailene’s character in that film.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      I know it will be weird to see the as a couple after seeing them as siblings lol

  • K

    TFiOS!!!! asdfghjkl can’t wait!!

  • Emma Stone

    I can’t wait for this. So much perfection, most of it Shailene.

  • Jared


    Neither of them look like what I pictured Hazel and Gus looked like. I guess it’ll be okay, but I’m not nearly excited about it as I want to be. For her to say it’s not about cancer is kind of bullshit, since it’s what most of the book is about, or at least highlights- sometimes the love story being secondary to the cancer storyline. And they’re trying to have it appeal to teens, which means they will omit the swearing and most of the sex scene for the rating. I truly wish they would make an actual ADAPTION of a YA book, where the characters look like the characters, they don’t leave anything out or censor anything, and where the author takes it seriously instead of being excited for the mere fact that their book is getting adapted. I want a true adaption that respects the book. And Hollywood has a bad habit of trying to profit off of everything, because this story would’ve been better as a miniseries on a cable network. (Like that God awful PLL series…) But they wouldn’t get paid as much and money over quality, right? Again, this looks okay… but it could’ve been a LOT better.


    • Anna

      This movie looks great and you just need to calm down. No book to movie adaption will ever be perfect, that just isn’t how it works. And no this book is a love story, it isn’t about cancer so Shailene is actually right there. Cancer is a factor in the book, but the entire book focuses on the love story between Gus and Hazel.

      • Jared


        You must be one of those rabid fans who will take anything the source of your fandom officially puts out. How very cute. There’s a huge difference between being perfect and being accurate. It’s obvious no adaption will be perfect… but it could at the very least, be accurate. They don’t look like the characters, they’re going to censor what made the book funny, and because of everyone’s fear of the cancer being too prominent, they’ll take out what made the book heartwarming… which WAS the optimism of love in their sicknesses. They are glamorizing it as only a love story, when the cancer aspect made it so much more. Especially when they met in a cancer support group, bonded over cancer, fell in love despite of the cancer, cancer was the source of their trip where they solidified their love, cancer drove them apart (in the book, Hazel was clearly frusterated when Gus got sick, him even telling her “You used to call me Augustus.”), cancer broke them apart, and cancer made his declaration of love at the end of the book more touching. If cancer isn’t the driving point of the novel, it’s completely equal to the love, and that’s what made it beautiful. That cancer didn’t make someone less of a person and love shined through in all adversity. It’s what made the book stunning, especially the mindset of Augustus, which he developed from having cancer. So, yes… it is bullshit when she says it’s not about cancer. And you’re taking my words and twisting them as if I said the movie looked awful. I said it looked alright. But it COULD be better. There are the fans who will take anything that comes to them, and then the fans who want the best from the material they fell in love with. You settle and pick pointless fights with the people who want the absolute best of their adaptions. I want the best, and this isn’t the best. You want an adaption, but don’t want it accurate. You just want whatever and that’s not my fault that you will take inadequecy for the sake of having something and you get mad at me when I want and speak out against it not living up to it’s terms. We want a movie of this book. That is clear. But don’t sit on my shoulders and call yourself tall because you think you can see the clouds better. Think before you speak.


        • Anna

          Here’s the thing, I am a realist when it comes to this stuff. There is never going to be a perfect adaption of any book no matter how much we want it. Trust me, there have been many movies that have destroyed the books and I absolutely hate that. I’d love a perfect accurate book to movie adaption as much as the next person, but it is never going to happen because hollywood won’t let it. However, you are acting like this movie is going to be nothing like the book when it hasn’t come out yet. John Green himself said this movie is almost word for word in comparison to the the book, so maybe you should learn to research before you speak. I’m fairly certain this is going to be a great adaption even if it isn’t perfect. Honestly, it isn’t the greatest casting looks wise in the entire world, but that isn’t the most important aspect to me in these adaptions. I however think the most important part is how the characters are portrayed by the actors playing them. I care more about quality than the look. I’m sorry that I don’t think the main focal point of the book is the cancer because in the end that isn’t why they fell in love with each other. I fell as if the cancer part is on a back burner to the love part though. The main reason is because Gus never wanted to know Hazel’s cancer story, he wanted to know about her as a person. Gus was the person she could be the most real around because he didn’t care that she had cancer. The book is about cancer in a way, but I still think the love story is what conquers all in this book. Their love conquers the cancer even if that is just for a short while. I think cancer is a huge part of this book because it brings the inspirational factor, but the main thing surrounding this book is a beautiful love story about two teenagers. I adore this book and I for one have faith they will do it justice. Maybe I am an optimistic fan, but that doesn’t make me a crazy fangirl. Again, it makes me a realist.

          • Jared


            First of all, you’ve completely contradicted yourself. Either you’re an optimist or a realist. A realist would look and see (as you’ve admittedly witnessed) that it looks nothing, visually, like the books based on the characters and see that they’ve sweetened it up to keep the rating low enough for teens to see. A realist would look at it and say “This is not what I read or envisioned.” A crazy fangirl attacks any person who disapproves of their precious ship, like you are doing. A crazy fangirl clings to the fact that the author is happy with it when a realist would see that any author who is open to having their work adapted would be happy with ANY adaption. And secondly, again… you are acting like I disregarded the entire film. I said it looked “Okay.” which is not a bad response. I said that they didn’t look like the characters and they were going to water it down. You should READ before you speak, especially when the words are right in front of you. And if you adore the book like you say you do, you’d be more up in arms about how Hollywood is distorting a lovely story than celebrating that it’s made even when it’s not up to par, like John Green appears to be: just happy that it’s adapted, like a fangirl. That’s the equivalent of having a significant other that’s not your type and doesn’t go above and beyond for you and is just okay, and you can do better, but having a boyfriend/girlfriend is better than not having one, regardless of what you know your worth is. Sure, you could come to love them, but only because you’re obligated to. A crazy fangirl is obligated to be excited for whatever comes out that they like, regardless of quality (which the quality would diminish if the characters didn’t look like them, seriously, it’s the least they could do. What if they casted Tom Felton as Harry Potter? No doubt he could do it, even if they manipulated his look, because he’s a good actor- but it would be distracting and distractions… that brings quality down.) and a devoted fan who cares about the story can see when it could’ve been leaps and bounds better. Don’t smile at the flashes because you think they’re cameras, because it could be lightning striking you down. That is a realist, honey.

            And please, go ahead and reply with the same argument you just did- crazy fangirls always continue the disagreement when it’s clear that they’ve run out of things to say, when all they do is run in circles. So go and run. I’m not gonna be here to chase you.