Lorde ‘I Vomited Before My Concert’

lorde-texas-triumph (191)Lorde told The West Australian: ‘I bought myself a bed. Like I don’t really splurge or anything.. I bought some nice art for my room and I got it framed and stuff so they were kind of splurges I guess.

The thing with being famous is as soon as you have enough money to buy whatever you want you get given everything for free, which kind of doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like ‘Why? You can finally get my money and now you don’t want it’.’

She still has to overcome crushing nerves: ‘I, like, totally threw up before my show last night. I am reduced by nerves. I can be completely crushed by feelings of all kinds. Usually I just tell myself, like ‘The second you get up there it’s going to be fine’, and I always know it’s going to be fine and I always have a great time so, you know, I just try and tell myself that ‘You’ll be in your zone.

The lights will be on and blank people will be cheering and, you know, it’ll be OK’. It’s kind of an adrenaline thing I guess. I get off stage and I’m kind of jittery.. You definitely have to come down from it but it’s nice. It’s definitely feeling like a really comfortable place for me now. But I get nervous, I get freaked out, I get, you know, the usual stuff.’

  • Alii

    I love how open and honest she is about everything.

  • laura

    She’s absolutely right and I love her for saying this. I read an article about this once. Back in the days, hollywood stars still paid for everything because they had this mutual respect with designers and such. Nowadays, celebs demand to get things for free and get angry when they don’t. It is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, if they aren’t spending their money anyways, you sure as hell can donate more money to charity. Greedy ass bitches..

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I talked about this not even a week ago, and it is weird how celebs get stuff for free and they actually have the money to afford it.

  • haha

    I hope Demi doesn’t find out that she vomits. It’ll be another lady gaga incident

    • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    the new queen of pop tbh <3