Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato AT WAR!

miley-cyrus-demi-lovato-warMiley and Demi are at ‘war’. Why do YOU think they are fighting?

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  • Guest-

    Justin selena wedding plans.
    Demi Miley at war. Soooooo stupid.

  • damnthesecelebs

    Lol random, where did this even come from..

    • thecat61

      Don’t you know? The infamous source.

  • JUG

    Are Miley & Demi fighting for a starring role in Camp Rock 3?



    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      with her iconic extentions

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “Why do YOU think they are fighting?” Cheyne

    • demo

      every time selena becomes friends with someone the person end up mad at miley or not talking to her. I think is has to do that selena is always talking trash about miley behind her back, anyone notice selena is problematic everywhere she goes people stop talking to miley. Aboout the cheyne thing he was friends with demi before miley, miley is not the keeper of what he write on twitter, he has his own opinion and he is an adult, she cant control what happens between him and demi. I don’t see demi stop talking to selena or the Jonas when miley don’t talk to them, so why should miley stop talking to her friend cheyne when demi doesn’t stop talking to selena or taylor or Jonas.

      • thecat61

        Miley doesn’t need neither one of those 2.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Cheyne remains ONE of the problems (in my opinion) between Miley & Demi.

      • lol

        Damn, evil Selena strikes again. LMAO

      • johnny

        Idk Selena usually gets her friends and family to talk shit about people she doesn’t like. Example in 2009 when her and Demi stopped being friends and late 2012 when her and Bieber broke up. Her friends and cousins tweeted a bunch of shit. But her friends and family have never shaded Miley on twitter.

        • js

          her cousins didn’t tweet shit when the breakup w Bieber. with the demi fight, yes, they did.

          • johnny

            Yeah I remember now. I just looked at both her cousin twitter pages and neither follow Demi lol. I think its funny because her cousin Priscilla follows all her friends except Demi.