Simon Wants Miley For X-Factor UK

miley-xfactor (1)miley-xfactor (2)Simon Cowell is looking for a judge to add to the X-Factor UK panel alongside Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh. Source told NOW that he wants Miley Cyrus: ‘Simon’s convinced she’d be great and would bring a youthful presence to the pane. He thinks she’s current, edgy and fearless, everything a great popstar should be.”‘

However, a source told Daily Star: ‘This year is an important one for The X Factor. Simon can’t be complacent and has to come back with a real A Team. Rihanna would be a shock selection because she is not an obvious choice for a family show, but that’s what he wants.’

UPDATE: Miley’s people told Daily Mail: ‘Simon has more chance of getting Elvis or Gandhi as a judge’. Source: ‘There have been no talks with Miley. She is currently on a world tour in the US. The Bangerz tour comes to the UK in May. Miley is one of the biggest artists in the world, she has no intention of going to be a judge on a show. It is the last thing on her mind.

Miley is having the time of her life. Making music and performing is what she cares about. She has been offered the role of judge on lots of talent shows in the States in the past but she’s never been interested.’

  • Boo

    Simon has been obsessed with miley since she was a teen, of course he wants her on his show. But she is at the top of her game now, she’s not gonna stop what she’s doing for the X factor.

    • thesestrangelittlethings


  • thecat61

    Damn, there’s a full moon today!!!! Get dat ass tanned.

  • BrokenArrow18

    when does the x factor start? she’s gonna be on tour this year i think

  • getlikemiley

    eh i think the x factor will bring her down a bit or maybe not idk

  • Godney

    I love how she is trying the non-existing butt she has out lol (same with the girl on the right lol)

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    simons smart,but miley would never do this now,shes too famous

    • thecat61

      I totally agree with you. Besides, rumor has it, that Miley may be doing a photoshoot for Vogue Mag. She’s following Vogue and Annie Lebowitz (excuse me if I spelled her name wrong) on twitter.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        Omg , yesss! Can’t wait to see it

  • Emmy

    Simon is so desperate. Miley is far too famous and preoccupied to find the next One Direction. Face it, Simon! It’s not happening. I’m tired of him, honestly. He has the biggest ego ever.