The Vamps Midnight Memories 1D Cover

Do YOU like The Vamps or 1D’s version of Midnight Memories better?


  • Emma Stone

    i actually really love The Vamps right now. I saw them when they supported Taylor Swift in London and they were amazing.

    • Luciana

      Right??? I listened to their songs like a week ago and now I’m obsessed! They are SO good

      • Nikoo

        They sang Counting Stars with R5 in London and they’re just too good. I like them better than any of the other british boy bands tbh

        • Luciana

          Really??! Do you have a link? I’m literally obsessed now haha (sorry if my English is bad still trying to learn it hehe)

          • Nikoo Afifi

            I don’t have the link but if you go on Freya Hardy’s youtube account, she posted it :) best quality

          • Luciana

            Got it! Thank you :)

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    i like this