• Michelleg3323

    Joe looks good. Blanda really has to watch her camera angles, because she doesn’t look her best here. Glad they’re still enjoying each other’s company. Nike rocks.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    Blanda i thought you don’t take pictures

    • Me

      That’s not a fan asshole. It’s her friend.

      • JoeJonasTroops

        you’re the asshole, why dosn’t she want to take pics with fans? so that we don’t jinx her pretty face? if she don’t want us to see her ugly face then why is the picture all over the internet

        • anon

          she also says she doesnt like attention, yet goes to pap infested places. Figures….

          • JoeJonasTroops

            can you give me the link of where she says she hates attention because i could really use a crack-up.

  • Marina And My Diamonds


  • anne

    hey ocean up its joe jonas at airmax NOT BLENDER she was in her friends bday so post things about celebrities not stupid people

  • Anon

    Joe’s uncle is sooo ugly eww