Justin Bieber ‘No Time To Waste’

justin-bieber-time (2)justin-bieber-time (1)Shirtless Justin Bieber Instagram ‘no time to waste’. About Selena?

+ extremely hot Toronto meeting pix!

  • lol

    Almost sure Justin is just waiting for that Madison Beer girl get on age for him tap that. But the girl is beautiful

    • Lilly

      To me she’s prettier then Selena, so funny how they look the same age meanwhile Selena’s 22 Soon lol. Madison is gorgeous.

      • Anna

        Madison doesn’t look 22 to me. She looks like a 16 or so year old with a little too much make up in my opinion. I think selena looks around 21.

        • captainamerica

          Selena looks 16 without make up, even with it she looks like a toddler.

          • anna

            i disagree. i dont understand what most people seem to think 21/22 year olds look like but i think selena looks around the age

  • Lilly

    Well damn he’s hot in here idgaf what y’all say smh. Why doesn’t he take more pics like that ?

  • X

    Well that is one hot picture for sure, too bad his attitude overshadows his looks. I hope he got his shit together in this month since he’s been pretty low key and normal again? Let’s hope.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I’m sure everything he or she does isn’t about one another, OU.

  • Krystle


  • Hazelton Hotel Staff

    ewww Marcus Farias again
    his brother is David Farias
    his sister is such a slut like his
    mother Sandra