Selena Gomez Tequila Sunrise Erratic

Selena Gomez appears possibly still intoxicated from last night hanging out with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson at Italia Renata’s birthday party.

She sang Tequila Sunrise while erratically swaying back in forth in the driver’s seat. Prayer circle for ALL Disney stars today! ‘Rachel where are you? Reunion with my big sisters for life.’

NOTE: Selena WILL be at Kid’s Choice Awards on Saturday. Austin Mahone will perform his hit single ‘Mmm Yeah. ‘Cody Simpson will also appear and kids can vote during the show on whether Austin or Cody will get slimed.

  • anon
    • honesty

      She can’t wear the same thing twice?

      • anon

        with the same nail polish and glasses? idk

        • honesty

          She prob gets that expensive polish that lasts for weeks and I doubt she changes her shades that much. But I could see how you could think it was old. Maybe we will never know lol.

    • Eva

      That outfit was on point… I loved it and the boots are so odd I actually like them.

  • hmmm

    Selena clearly doesn’t care about the alcoholism rumours

    • LOL

      maybe because its a RUMOR & not true.

  • javi g

    wow ou apparently she can’t be happy. with out the idiots of this website assuming that she’s drunk or high every time she does things like that.

  • LOL

    “Selena Gomez appears possibly still intoxicated from last night hanging out with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson at Italia Renata’s birthday party.” wow OU guys are dicks. Selena cant be happy & have a good time without being drunk? You don’t even know if Selena has a real alcohol problem, so stop insinuating. STFU.

    • Rachel

      that’s something that’s been bugging me about the site lately-they keep insinuating that selena is doing something when they clearly have no proof…it’s sad because that’s how rumors start…

  • Godney

    She really doesnt look drunk at all…. has OU ever been drunk? lol

  • anonymous

    she really needs to fire her sketchy pr consultants

  • johnny

    Idk why but I don’t think she has a drinking problem or went to rehab for it. I think she legit likes to drink responsibly and wont let these rehab stories and “shes out of control” stories stop her ass from drinking.

    • Lali

      She just enjoy her drinks as almost every mexican/italian. My italian friends started drink wine when they were around 10. But she is not out of control, at least for now

  • Mélanie

    Oceanup , whats your fucking problem ? You never go out ? What the fuck are you talking about ? Everytime you post something about Selena , you are talking about her being “intoxicated” ! so ? you only live by rumors and not by what you see ? Cause we can clearly see that Selena is always so normal , I don’t understand why you are always searching for drama ? to get more comments ? to lie to people ? Is that a pleasure for you to write bullshit ? you’re fucking pathetic . Get a life and go out and have fun ! but be careful , don’t drink , you will consider yourself as an alcoholic as soon as you will take a sip of alcohol !

    • lol

      They want steal exposedsmg thunder

      • javi g

        that crapy website still around? man those people hate with a passion. i don’t know who’s worst exposedsmg or nazi’s when it come to hate.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I don’t see how this is drunk but I guess if this is, I’m drunk 90% of the time then.

  • ivan

    With the problems in this world, we should all get drunk! Interested to know who she will with at awards show; Justin Bieber’s clone will be performing.

  • FuckHarry

    She doesn’t look drunk, I act crazier when what makes you beautiful comes out, I swear people stare at me singing to the top of my lungs in my car and think I’m werid lol.

  • lol

    did she break up with Justin and sending her little hints? by saying goodbey

  • Some Dude

    Would she post a video of herself drunk driving on her instagram tho?

  • Eva

    She looks happy.